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Campaign to Raise $50,000 to Assist Butte County’s Search and Rescue Team

Seal of Butte County, California

The Sheriff’s Department in Butte County has committed themselves to raising fifty thousand Dollars. This campaign was launched so that the Sheriff’s Department can purchase a much-needed tow vehicle and command trailer. The Department is looking to buy a 2017 Ford F350, which is expected to cost around a hundred thousand dollars. The department is hoping that they can raise at least half of the money through donations. For those who are willing to donate, contributions can be deducted from your taxes when you file.

The Search and Rescue Team for Butte County is easily off of California’s busiest teams. They conduct numerous search and rescue missions each year. They are also able and willing to assist other areas when they are asked for assistance. The team works hard and is dedicated to helping those in need.

The Search and Rescue Team is made up of volunteers. These volunteers are always on call. They are subject to being called any time of the day and night. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, or what holiday. They are subject to being called, even on Christmas. They respond to numerous types of calls. They volunteer to assist in finding individuals that have gone missing. They may see themselves conducting air rescue, water rescue, mountain rescues, or even helping evacuate during floods or wildfires. They join to volunteer and put themselves in harm’s way to assist and support ensure others are safe. They volunteer time away from their loved ones, away from work, and apart from home to help in emergency situations. The search and rescue team are full of everyday heroes.

The search and rescue team are responsible for responding to many different issues. They help in various emergencies in various locations. They find themselves facing situations in a variety of different areas, under any type of weather condition imaginable in a variety of terrains. There is no telling what they may meet on a day to day basis. The search and rescue team remains successful by utilizing grants, volunteers, and contributions made by others.

One thing that can help the search and rescue team continue to do the fantastic job they have been doing is if they can purchase a vehicle to assist them in their missions. They are looking for a car that is big enough for them to be able to access equipment that is essential for a purpose. They are also looking for a vehicle that can be used across a variety of terrains and in multiple weather conditions. They are looking at purchasing a command center that can go with them and help make their efforts more efficient.

Many individuals may be wondering if a team of volunteers needs a new vehicle. The search and rescue team use multiple forms of technology, and it can be challenging to do all that demands to be done without having the proper equipment handy. The new vehicle will allow the department to have the necessary equipment on site with them when they need it. It will give them the opportunity to have communication systems, wireless data and networking, workstations, printers, and computers with them in the field. The vehicle will also provide a place for the Sheriff’s Department to store high technology tools that are necessary during searches, making searches more timely and efficient. These people volunteer their time and are asking for help in ensuring that they can use that time to do some good. The team needs help if they are going to be able to afford equipment that can assist them in doing a good job and helping those around them.

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