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The Significance of Stansbury Home

Oscar Stansbury was born on February 17, 1852. He had eight siblings. He gained a medical degree in 1873 and got engaged to Libbie Manlove. He worked in Mississippi at his family’s lumbermill until he received a letter from his cousin asking him to take over his cousin’s medical practice. Mr. Stansbury arrived in Chico […]

What is the Bear Hole?

Upper Bidwell Park is a tourist destination in Chico. Manzanita Avenue separates lower and upper Bidwell Park. Manzanita Avenue is five miles long and surrounds the creek. You can find a golf course, Kiwanis Chico Observatory, North Rim Trail, and Horseshoe lake can be seen along the Upper Park Road. There are more than 70 […]

Are Landlords Responsible for Pest Control?

When you rent a home or apartment, there are clear outlines that show which aspects of living that either tenant or landlord is responsible for. Renters must be careful not to disturb their neighbors actively, while tenants are meant to provide most, if not all, repairs in the apartment or home. But who is responsible […]

The Importance of Reading Pesticide Labels

Labels can be crucial for those with allergies or severe conditions such as celiac disease. Even more important, those labels on chemicals need to be read and considered carefully. More than allergies, make sure that you do not use dangerous chemicals around your family and pets. To avoid harming those in your harm, educate yourself […]