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Hornets and Wasps: A Prominent Summer Danger

Most of us are familiar – all too frightened and familiar – with wasps and hornets. Many fear bees as well, but bees tend to mind their own business most of the time. We all know that hornets and wasps are only motivated by something else altogether. It is important to understand the difference between […]

Spiders and Insects: Why They Aren’t Cousins

Spiders are a current houseguest for many of us. While there are many benefits to having spiders outside on our property, there are many people who just cannot stand the idea of spiders in their home. It is important to understand the difference between insects and spiders. While both insects and spiders are invertebrates, spiders […]

Gecko Pest Services: Kick Ants out of Your Home

My mother always said, “Don’t let insects ruin the picnic.” Unfortunately for most of us, insects have destroyed their fair share of our picnics. Ants are one of the most common and most frequently persistent pests that we encounter in our homes and businesses. More than a sheer annoyance, ants are social insects that can […]