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Natural Remedy Pest Control

If you are concerned about exposure to chemicals when you need pest control there are several great natural pest control remedies that you can use. Homemade pest remedies Here are some homemade pest remedies that you can employ for different pests. For your garden, try mixing up mint, garlic, cayenne pepper, a drop of dishwashing […]

Ways to Get Rid of Earwigs

What is an earwig? An earwig is an insect that is found in several places such as the Americas, Africa, Eurasia, Australia and New Zealand. There are many species roughly around 2,000 to be exact. They look like this; Prevention of earwigs There are a few things that you can do to prevent earwig infestation. […]

Crickets: Pets or Pests?

It’s no secret that some individuals choose to keep crickets as pets. However, many individuals are unsure about the different types of crickets and which ones are pets and which one are pests. Many individuals find themselves asking the question on when removing crickets from their home becomes a necessity. Crickets are not always pleasant. […]

The Complete Earwig Guide

Earwigs are a common problem facing many homeowners in the world today. However, many individuals still find themselves with the question of what is an earwig. Technically speaking, an earwig is a small insect that is elongated. These insects contain a pair of appendages that are similar to pincers. Female earwigs are generally the ones […]