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When Your House Becomes the Batcave

The truth is that pests are important for your local ecosystem.  Bats, as research has shown, can be beneficial.  They actually eat over one thousand insects in a mere hours’ time.  Their favorite thing to eat are the pesky mosquitos that no one enjoys.  When they live on the outside of your home, bats can […]

Say Goodnight to Termites

Termites are probably the most troublesome critter that can find its way into your home.  Termites cause more damage than the combination of all natural disasters to a home within a year’s time.  These critters are known to live underground in the soil.  Termite damage can become rather expensive since they feed on wood and […]

The Importance of Good Pest Management

Pests can prove to be harmful not only to property but also upon human health. Below, we’ve detailed an overview of the type of pests that are generally found within large facilities, together with the sorts of risks that can be associated with each of them.   Bed Bugs Over the previous decade, bed bugs […]