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How to Defend Your Home Against a Threat That’s Overlooked: Invasion of Wintertime Pests

Children tend to embrace the winter months, given that it’s the time of year for snowball fights, sledding, and occasional school cancellations. Nevertheless, as we age, our outlook takes a shift of gears.   But with some good fortune, you never do become blinded to what can make this season so magical – that feel […]

Does DIY Pest Control Really Work?

With the advent of social media, the sharing of good (and bad) information has become extremely simplistic and particularly rapid, too. Everyone’s ideas, their thoughts, and their supposed solutions are now more than readily passed on from one person over to the next. Some of the time, this sharing of information is indeed a useful […]

Why do Mosquitoes Find Some People More Attractive Than Others?

Seems rather amusing, but it’s true that mosquitoes are selective in whom they focus their attentions on. Further, there are various parts of our bodies that make for a tastier meal than others. Who’s the most susceptible and why so? In accordance with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service (USDA/ARS), something that is […]