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Gecko Pest Control:
Serving Chico Downtown and Surrounding Areas

By choosing the Gecko Guard 8-Point Pest Service you’ll get complete pest protection.

At Gecko Pest Control, our highly experienced technicians always maintain a strict protocol with respect to every service they provide.

1. Pre-inspection

We begin with a deep analysis of the area which is infested. This is when we assess for any signs of unwanted pests. First, we’ll check your building’s interior, then the exterior, and finally the immediate surroundings, so as to gain a clear understanding of the problem. Next, we create a specific plan of treatment which will help to control and to prevent pests from accessing your property.

2. Cobweb removal

The best way to control spiders is to remove their cobwebs, so they are then unable to produce nests.

3. The perimeter barrier is treated

Gecko Pest Control use products that offer protection which will last for 60-70 days. It’s the type of protection that you need to protect your home against the entry of ants or other pest species.

4. The exterior eaves are treated

The roof’s edges, otherwise referred to as the exterior eaves, are treated to control such pests as spiders, paper wasps, and more. These pests have a tendency for nesting in these areas.

5. Treatment of the property in general

By treating the property in general, pests such as ants and earwigs will be reduced and potentially eliminated.

6. Interior baiting

Occasionally, it’s likely that pests like ants and German cockroaches will gain access to your home. The baits that Gecko Pest Control use are designed so as to afford these pests with an attractive food source. The baits are transferrable, and that means that the nests will be eliminated. Gecko will provide a twice-yearly treatment program, or as it is required.

7. Interior dusting

Gecko offer an interior dusting service which is carried out during the time of the initial treatments. After this, it will be provided at intervals of every six months. The dust is applied below and behind appliances in addition to other sites that could afford the potential for harboring pests.

8. Follow-up visits are free of charge

There are times when pest activity tends to be at its greatest that recurring infestations become a real problem. The Gecko Guard service also offers complimentary visits between all scheduled appointments, and this service is entirely free of charge.

Need a Pest Control Service in Chico?
Reasons to choose Gecko Pest Control

Gecko Pest Control are local to the Chico area, and we take a real sense of pride in our knowledge, experience, the systems that we use, in our reputation, and in our customer guarantee.

We’re Friendly

Given that we have worked in the Chico area for over 20 years, we fully comprehend the fact that providing a friendly service is of the utmost importance. We love what we do, and we strive to make sure that our customers love having us in and around their home whenever a pest problem arises.

We’re Knowledgeable

Before our technicians begin working with our customer base, they must undergo at least ten courses of relevant study. The courses we provide are inclusive of controlling specific pests to how to provide a safer, greener treatment.


We always try to make it an easy process for our customers. We send out reminders by phone, by text message, or by e-mail, so that you are reminded about our agreed-upon upcoming appointment. As for billing, you can be auto-billed by e-mail, or you can receive paper statements which you can pay in any way you prefer.

We are affordable

We have worked to develop a number of systems to reduce our overheads. And the savings we make are passed on to our customers. We use advanced software which helps us to cut down on our travel time and on the amount of gas we use, which means that you get lower pricing for our services. That’s simply one of the examples of how we can offer a very affordable pest control service in Chico.

Pet and kid friendly

Though everything we use is friendly to pets and to kids, there’s no sacrifice to how effective our service actually is. We use many organic pest control options, and you can find out more about those by getting in touch with us today.

Natural solutions

The nontoxic range of chemicals we use are perfect for those that have a strong preference for a healthier environment. Once more, if you have pets or you have kids, you’ll have the ideal alternative when you choose Gecko Organic/ Natural and Organic Hybrid services.

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