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Gecko Pest Control can help you with your cricket infestation.

Cricket Behavior

Crickets are small insects that are primarily active during the summer. You may recognize them by their unmistakable chirping sounds, which is often used to attract a mate. In small numbers, crickets are typically harmless. However, during the winter, crickets will usually seek shelter indoors, inside houses or sheds. As a result, you may find yourself with more crickets than you bargained for.

Potential Damage Caused By Crickets

Crickets can cause a variety of damage inside your home. Most of the damage from a cricket infestation will be noticeable on the surface of your house. They do not burrow into the wood like termites. However, in large numbers, crickets can still cause significant damage to items in your home. Crickets have been known to chew on almost anything. They are particularly attracted to items such as silk, wool and paper. Crickets can severely damage clothing and leave you with large holes in your favorite outfits.


Locating Crickets In Your Home

Cricket infestations are often difficult to locate. You may see signs of crickets, but never actually see a live cricket. Crickets are nocturnal and typically stay hidden during the day. Additionally, they have a tendency to nest in small, inconspicuous areas such as a crack in the wall or underneath a crawl space. Crickets are attracted to dark, moist areas in your home.

Removing crickets can be difficult because they build their nests in areas that are not clearly visible. If you find a cricket nest, you may decide to use a can of bug spray to rid your home of the infestation. However, in addition to filling your home with toxic chemicals, bug spray often produces underwhelming results. If even a few crickets manage to escape, you may have to deal with the problem again. As a result, it is best to call an expert who can identify the infestation and treat it thoroughly to avoid a future recurrence.


Whatever type of crickets you have we are confident our treatments will eliminate them. We strongly recommend our Gecko Guard service to ensure your property remains permanently free of spiders and cobwebs.

“After years of battling spiders, fleas, and other random bugs on our property we contacted Rich with Gecko Pest Control and have never been happier. No more spiders, fleas, begs of other creepy crawling bugs on my property. Their service is professional, reliable, and friendly. They went above and beyond to get the spiders and webs out of my garage and house, and to educate me on the type of treatment used in the house to ease my mind about having an infant that crawls around where they treated. Worth every penny. Our family recommends this company 100%!”

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