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Earwigs range from 5 mm to 25 mm. They are relatively small reddish-brown insects with wings and pinchers. They have light brown legs too. While there are over a thousand species of earwigs and many of them have wings, they are not really considered flying insects. They are rather clumsy when flying and will do it very slowly if they have to at all. They won’t really fly if they have access to a covering of vegetation as well as nearby food.


Earwigs can get into homes through tiny cracks and gaps in the home. This usually happens in foundations and access doors leading outside. When the outdoor environment becomes intolerable due to severe weather, earwigs will try to get into the home, or they may accidentally be brought inside by the homeowner. They love wood, newspapers and plants. Any of these items might harbor an earwig, and transfer the critter into the home when brought inside.


Common Myths

These small insects can look odd, but they are not a danger to people. They will not burrow into people’s ears like the myths warn. They eat organic materials like plants and will often hide in the shallow pan under a potted plant. They like to nest in areas like wet piles of leaves or under mulch in the garden. In those areas, they find the wet moist organic matter that they eat. The first step to getting rid of earwigs is to remove the environment that harbors and feeds them. They live in humid, wet spots with vegetation. The homeowner should check all the houseplants for earwigs as well as other damp spots in the home. After removing the habitat that the earwig will find inviting, the home should be treated with a pesticide around areas where earwigs might get into the home like the foundation and cracks around lower windows and doors.


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