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Gecko Pest Services: Kick Ants out of Your Home

My mother always said, “Don’t let insects ruin the picnic.” Unfortunately for most of us, insects have destroyed their fair share of our picnics. Ants are one of the most common and most frequently persistent pests that we encounter in our homes and businesses. More than a sheer annoyance, ants are social insects that can contaminate food and cause structural damage.

Common types of ants include carpenter ants and velvet ant. Fire ants however, are more than a common nuisance: their bites can be exceedingly pain – i.e. the ant’s name – that burns like fire. It is more common for these ants to live outside, but that does not mean that they cannot bother you out of doors or come into your home for a snack and a bite.

Ants on the ground

Ant bites will be localized, and typical reactions are redness and pain. Later, tender, itchy pustules will develop and last several days – even weeks. Use an antihistamine cream or medication to help the swelling. Fire ants are some of the most aggressive ants and can create medically dangerous situations if they bite you. Always watch for more severe allergic reactions such as excessive swelling and trouble breathing.

Flying ants are known as swarmer. These ants emerge from their home colonies to create more nests. Because this type of ant is simply working to create more ants, it is important to recognize them. Fortunately for most of us, the success rate of swarmer living in our homes to create more ants is low. These are often mistaken for termites.

Sufficiently nervous about ant bites and fire ant infestations, you may now wonder how to get rid of ants of all kinds from your property and home. While there are home remedies, you should consult a professional for effective complete extermination.

If you are looking for quality extermination without harming your home or family, natural pest control in Marysville, Gecko Pest Services has the group of experienced professionals that you need to rid your home of common creepy crawlies the organic way. We understand the full weight of keeping your family safe.

Family-owned and operated, Gecko Pest Services will provide friendly and knowledge staff to come to your home or business and successfully rid your space of ants and any other pests. We are pet-friendly and pride ourselves on affordability. Gecko serves Chico, Marysville, Yuba City, and the surrounding area. Instead of handling it yourself and living with unnecessary pests, call Gecko Pest Services today.

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