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Infested Properties = Unhappy Tenants = Empty Units

At Gecko Pest Control, we realize that not only are the pests a problem but unhappy tenants are too.

If your bug problems linger a tenant can get frustrated and move out. In most of our calls, the tenants in the Northern California area are having problems with ants and roaches.  


The biggest problem pest for landlords is Cockroaches. These pests quickly multiply and control is sometimes difficult. We use a fairly new technology called IGR, which stands for insect growth regulator. In simple terms the product prevents the roaches from reaching the reproductive stage. This not only helps control the infestation but in most cases eliminates it completely.


Another big problem for landlords. Women hate them and the Chico area is filled with them. We take the best approach, kill the queen kill the colony. Usually treatments from other pest control companies target the foraging ants in peoples homes. We use treatments that the ants take back to the nest and feed the queen.

These are a just a couple examples of our approach to solving pest in rental units. No matter what problems you have Gecko Pest control is your best choice!