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Organic Hybrid Program

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The owner himself uses this combination method around his home.

We use organic/natural products inside your home, and in the yard. With this method, a small band 2' up the exterior wall and 2' out from your foundation is applied with a traditional product that has a 60 - 75 day residual effect. This method combines the effectiveness of traditional pest control products in a concentrated area with the comfort of knowing that only organic/natural products have been applied in the living space where your family and pets spend most of their time.

Everything You Need to Know About Organic Hybrid Pest Control

Companies all over the world become a little more concerned with having a green label every single day. There are now multiple pest control companies that provide Organic pest control services for their customers. Synthetic methods used for pest control can be harmful to the environment. These methods use pesticides in order to control pests. Pesticides are, by definition, toxic to the pests. They are also toxic to the environment and some can be extremely toxic to humans when accidently inhaled. Organic pest control services provides a safer and cleaner method for controlling pests.

Herbal Pesticides

Pests have caused problems for human beings all over the world for decades. In the past, the most successful means for reading the world of these pests was to use chemical pesticides. Studies have shown that chemical pesticides have a negative impact to an individual’s overall health and can destroy crops as easily as pests.

In recent years, herbal pesticides have begun replacing the synthetic pesticides. This has been done to help protect the overall health of customers, keep the crops healthy, and still eliminate the pest problem. Herbal pesticides are acknowledge for causing minimal side effects to a person’s health. Chemical pesticides can be detrimental to a person’s overall health, and even cause lung problems or cancer.

Back into the Natural Environment

Organic pesticides use natural components that cause a marginal influence on an individual’s overall health. These pesticides will not pollute your food and being exposed to it for an extensive time period will not cause any overall detrimental health problems. The use of herbal pesticides can eliminate pests and preserve the environment at the same time. The components that make up these pesticides are easily assimilated back into the natural environment, meaning it will not harm crops or the atmosphere.

More Convenient to Administer

Most of the herbal pesticides that are used in agriculture, farms and the like, are in a variety of oil. These are dispersed directly on to the plants. The primary ingredients that are found within herbal pesticides are also that of vegetation, so it will not harm these plants. These pesticides can kill pest or repel them. They repel them because the insects avoid the smell put off by the pesticide.

These are also more convenient to administer than synthetic pesticides. This is because you do not have to have any special equipment or permits in order to administer herbal pesticides.

Another major benefit to these products is that plants typically do not grow a resistance or tolerance to the pesticide. When using a chemical pesticide, it has been a known issue that sometimes pests will develop a tolerance for the product.

Organic Solutions

Most of these products can be created at home and the ingredients can be found on the internet. When a pest control company comes out to explain organic pest control services to you, they should be able to provide you with ways you can help yourself and the environment. Here are a few examples of how you can implement organic solutions into your home.

Many people who live in urban setting enjoy placing a fountain in their garden. This becomes their place of peace and relaxation. The problem is, this can also be the source of the problem for pests. Clean running water is hard for rodents to find in urban settings, so if you have a fountain running, guess where they are going to get their clean water from? An easy solution to this is to remove the source of water or turn it off while you are not using it. Other recommendations can be provided by the pest control technician upon his visit.

Simple Solutions

Another common item that people employ are bird feeders. Almost everyone has one, or knows someone that has one. However, birds aren’t the only thing that the bird feeder attracts. Hungry critters from all over will come to consume the nuts and seeds. There are simple solutions that the technician can give you to prevent this from happening. One of the most common suggestions is to allow the feeder to run out, don’t fill it up all of the way. Or you can put it out in the morning and take it down after the birds eat and put it back up the next day.

Keeping Your Health and Our Environment Safe

A lot of people buy bulk foods in order to save money. These can attract pests. When bulk foods are left unsealed, they become an easy food source for pests. Simply keep the food sealed.

There are many more small, at home tips that can be found online or that your technician can give you in order to minimize the number of pests you have. You still may need pest services, but there are ways to eliminate the pests while keeping your health and our environment safe at the same time.