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Natural / Organic Program

For our customers most concerned with the type of products used around their families and pets!

In the home, for spider control we use a Essentria IC3. This product contains rosemary oil, mint and other essential oils to control pests around your house. In the yard, we use baits that are comprised of all natural ingredients. This is a good service to control pests around your home, however with the limited residual effect of the natural/organic based products, some tolerance to pests will need to be expected.

Organic and Natural Pest Control

Many pest control companies are now offering Organic and Natural Pest control services to their customers. The world becomes a little more concerned with the environment every day. People want to preserve the Earth for their children and their grandchildren to have a place to live. Now, pest control services are becoming more environmentally friendly in the way that they eliminate pests in your home.

Environmentally friendly

Conventional methods of pest control can use toxins that are harmful to the environment. While most of these man-made chemicals are safe (after you have been out of your home for a few days) they are still harming the environment. If you remain in your home after some treatments, they can make you extremely ill. There are even documented cases of the toxins used during ‘normal’ pest control methods that have made entire families extremely ill.

These methods use something known as pesticides. By definition, a pesticide is a toxic substance that poisons the pest. When used an excess, they can have a severe impact on the environment. Environmentally friendly methods of pest control are safer, cleaner, and help to preserve the world in which we live.

Only Natural Ingredients

Organic products are defined as products that contain no synthetic substances or chemicals in their makeup. Each ingredient put inside an organic product is naturally occurring. Organic pest control services are not an exception to this definition. These methods use no synthetic chemicals or substances and use only natural ingredients to rid your home of pests. You may still have to leave your house for a few days, but the impact on the environment is far less than what is done using the synthetic counterparts.

Integrated Pest Management System

In most cases, the words Natural pest control is used when referring to deterring pests through non-toxic methods. Using an Integrated Pest Management system in order to avoid pests can be considered a natural form of pest control. Another would be introducing a predator to eat the pest. An example would be putting ladybugs in your garden to handle an infestation of aphids.


There are many benefits associated with using Organic and Natural pest control services:

  • Some organic pest control services provide customers with a peace of mind they cannot obtain through the use of synthetic materials.
  • Another benefit of Organic pest control is that if you implement exclusion techniques, then you can get by with using fewer materials.
  • Keeping things clean and sanitary can also help keep pests out of your home or business, which in the long run lowers the harm pesticides can cause to the environment because you will have no use for them. The environment will be cleaner, safer, and live longer because you will not be using as many harmful toxins.
  • The way the green program is set up with most companies, you will spend less money on pest control services in the long run. You can use techniques and methods at home in order to keep the pests out, and when you do call the pest control service they won’t be using as many substances and/or products.
  • Most organic products have the same, if not better, effect on blocking pests as the synthetic products.

Nature Keeps a Healthy Balance

Natural pests control makes use of biological materials in order to manage and reduce pest infestations. Natural pest control works under the philosophy that nature keeps a healthy balance. The only time this balance is corrupted is when human activities interfere with the process. There are insects out there that can help in the control of the insects that become pests. Natural pest control’s number one benefit to the world is that it is environmentally friendly. These methods do no harm to the environment we live.

Natural pest control is exactly what it sounds like, a natural way to manage pests. The goal is to use organisms in order to control other organisms. We’ve all seen the Lion King, it’s the circle of life all over again. This method is mostly used in gardens. A large number of a “predator” organism will be raised and or obtained. Once the quantity needed has been obtained, these organisms are released into the garden. They then control the pest.

Both Organic and Natural pest control methods are environmentally friendly and allow for a cleaner and safer world.