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Gecko Pest Control:
Serving Oroville and Surrounding Areas

Through the Gecko Guard 8-Point Pest Service, you’ll be able to achieve complete protection.

For each and every service that we carry out, our technicians always adhere to a strict working protocol.

1. Pre-inspection

We begin all our pest control services through an in-depth analysis of the area that’s infested. This is when we check for signs of unwanted pests, inclusive of within the building’s interior and around the exterior, in addition to the immediate surroundings so as to identify any areas of concern. Then, we plan out specified treatments of prevention and control.

2. Cobweb removal

Controlling unwanted spiders effectively comes down to the removal of cobwebs. This way, spiders are unable to establish nests.

3. Perimeter barrier treatment

Treatment of the perimeter barrier is among the most important of treatments that can be provided. We use products that come with protection which lasts for 60-70 days. The products prevent various pests, including ants, from entering your property through different access points.

4. Treatment of exterior eaves

Where are the eaves? Those are the edges of your home’s roof and they overhang the surrounding walls. Treating the exterior eaves helps to control spiders and paper wasps, both of which have a tendency for nesting in this part of the home.

5. Property treatment

Regular treatment of your property means you can target various unwanted insects such as earwigs and ants.

6. Interior baiting

Occasionally, you may find that pests such as German cockroaches and ants enter your home. With interior baiting, it affords an attractive food source which is carried and then transferred around the pest colony thereby potentially eliminating the entire colony. Gecko Pest Control in Oroville provides a twice-yearly interior baiting service, or as it is required.

7. Interior dusting

Interior dusting is provided as an initial treatment, then on a six-monthly time frame thereafter. Application of the dust is made behind and below appliances and any alternative potential harborage site that is attractive to pests.

8. Free return visits

Sometimes, recurring pest infestations can occur, particularly with respect to ants and paper wasps. Gecko’s Guard Service comes inclusive of complimentary visits that take place between scheduled appointments. Thus, these incidences are treated at no extra cost to yourself.

Are You in Need of a Pest Control Service in Oroville?
Why You Should Choose Gecko Pest Control

Gecko are a local company to the Oroville area, and we take real pride in our experience, our education, our systems, our reputation, and in the guarantee that we provide to our customers.


Because we’ve been in the pest control services business for more than 20 years in the Oroville area, we understand that being friendly is particularly important. There’s no doubt you’ll enjoy seeing our happy technicians when they arrive to help you out. We really love what we do, and it’s our aim that you’ll love having us around while we deal with your pest control requirements.


Before our new technicians are permitted to work together with our customer base, they must undergo ten courses of study. The courses focus on controlling specific pests and the provision of safer treatment methods.


It’s our desire that it’s an easy choice for you to select a pest control company you want to work with. Therefore, we make things easy by reminding our customers when their next appointment is due through a phone call, by e-mail, or by text message. We can also send paper billing statements to you whereby you can pay by check, or if you prefer, we can set up auto-billing by e-mail.


We understand that everyone has a budget to maintain. So, we have put in place various systems to reduce our costs. And that means we can pass these savings over to you. We save on travel time and on gas by grouping our customers by region, and in turn, that saves you money, too. This is merely one example of how we go about saving our customers money in the Oroville area.

Pet and kid friendly

There are a lot of pest control companies you can choose from but very few are kid and pet friendly. The good news is you don't have to sacrifice effectiveness for pet/kid safety. We have several natural and organic pest control options to choose from, when you contact us for a free estimate make sure to ask about them!

Natural solutions

We would love to talk to you about our natural and organic pest control solutions. Our nontoxic alternatives are great for any households that want a healthier option to keeping their pest problem under control. If you have any children or pets, our Organic/Natural and Organic Hybrid services are great choices. Give us a call today and ask us about them.

Services that Gecko Offer

Residential Services

In Oroville and surrounding areas, ants and spiders tend to be the largest pest problem. Gecko utilize methods whereby they eliminate the food sources of spiders, which in turn reduces cobwebs in and around your home. They control ant numbers by eradicating their nests, as well as the queen.

Gecko Pest Control are excellent at what they do, and you will quickly experience the benefits if you make them your first choice in pest control companies.

Landlord Pest Services

For landlords, an infested property equates to unhappy tenants. Unhappy tenants then leads to empty units. When a large pest problem continues, tenants will generally become frustrated and will likely move on elsewhere. And in the Oroville area, most tenants suffer with cockroach and ant problems.


Cockroaches represent the greatest problem for landlords. Roaches multiply rapidly and therefore controlling them is problematic. Gecko rely on a relatively new concept known as insect growth regulator, or IGR. Simply speaking, this product works in halting the reproductive cycle. That reduces any opportunity for infestation, and most frequently, will stop it altogether.


The optimal approach to getting rid of ants in the home is to kill the queen. Gecko utilize treatment methods whereby foraging ants return to the nest with a food substance that is laced with a chemical that eliminates the queen.

Business Pest Services

Gecko offer industrial and commercial pest control solutions for an expansive range of industries.

Perhaps your business is suffering from bugs in the restrooms, or maybe ground squirrels are overhauling your landscaping. It could be that pigeons are swamping your roof. Irrespective the problem that your business is facing, Gecko provide the very same service commitment and guarantee to you as they do will all their customers.

No matter if it’s a restaurant, a school, a warehouse, an office building, a homeowner’s association, or some other form of business premises, Gecko Pest Control in Oroville, CA, will take care of it for you.

Gecko offer commercial property inspection services in addition to pest control. We utilize the very best practices to assure accurate record keeping, while we rely on personal communication with our customers, mobile technology, audit protection, and a whole lot more.

Get in touch with us today and we’ll provide you with a free consultation.

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