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Gecko Pest Control:
now serves Paradise, CA and Surrounding Areas

And, if you opt for the Gecko 8-Point Pest Service, you can gain complete protection.

Our team of experienced pest control technicians always maintain a strict protocol when it comes to our customers.

1. We undertake a pre-inspection

We start the process through an in-depth analysis of the infested area, at which time, we assess for signs of unwanted pests. We’ll inspect your building’s interior, then the exterior, and finally, we’ll check the immediate surroundings of your property. We’ll then implement a specific plan of treatment which will work in the prevention and control of all pest types.

2. We remove cobwebs

We remove cobwebs because it serves as the optimum way to control spider numbers, given that it eliminates the nests.

3. We treat the perimeter barrier

Gecko Pest Control use the best products to treat the perimeter barrier, and these products will persist for 60-70 days. This will prevent ants and various other pests from gaining entry to your property through cracks and crevices within the exterior wall.

4. We treat the exterior eaves

The edges of the roof that extend over the building’s exterior are known as the exterior eves. Treating the eaves will control pests like spiders and paper wasps as these pests like to nest here.

5. We undertake a general property treatment

By treating the property in general, it targets pests like ants and earwigs. In this process, we target nests and various other primary sources.

6. We bait the interior

It’s likely that occasionally pests such as ants and German cockroaches will manage to get inside your home. Our baits are designed so as to serve as an attractive food source for such pests. These baits are transferable, which means that the entire nests become eliminated. Our interior baiting treatment will be carried out biannually, or on an as required basis.

7. We carry out interior dusting

We carry out interior dusting over the initial treatment process, then once every six months. This dust is applied below and to the rear of appliances, in addition to other potentially viable harboring sites.

8. We make return visits which are free of charge

It’s always possible that a recurring infestation could become a real problem. Part of our service is to provide complimentary visits which happen between your scheduled appointments. What’s more, there’s no cost for this additional service.

Looking for a Top Class Pest Control Service in Paradise, CA?
6 Reasons you Should Choose Gecko Pest Control

Gecko are local to the Paradise, CA area, and we take a genuine sense of pride in our knowledgebase, our experience, our reputation, in the systems we use, and in the customer guarantee that we provide.

We’re Friendly

We’ve been in the business of pest control for over 20 years, and we understand that it’s very important to offer our customers a friendly service. Our technicians will love helping you out, and you’ll always love seeing their friendly, smiling faces.

We’re Knowledgeable

To work with us, all our new technicians must take a minimum of ten in-house pest control courses. The courses range in nature from how to control a specific pest, to how to offer safer courses of treatments.


We want to make things for our customers simplistic. With this in mind, we will remind you when your next scheduled appointment is by sending you a text message, by e-mail, or by giving you a quick phone call. With regards to billing, we can set up auto-billing via e-mail, or, if you’d like, we can send you paper statements, and you can pay your bill in any way you wish.

We are affordable

We’ve developed systems so as to reduce our own costs of operation, and those savings are passed over to our customers. We now use advanced software whereby we are able to closely group our customers, and that saves us travel time and cost for gas. We pass those savings onto you. That’s just one example of how we can afford to price our services as low as they are.

Pet and child friendly

Though you have a large choice of pest control companies from which to pick, there are not many of them that offer their customers a pet and child friendly service. We have many organic pest control solutions that are well suited to use around pets and children. Get in touch with us for your free estimate, and feel free to ask about the pet and child friendly options we offer.

Natural solutions

If you’d prefer to have a nontoxic alternative to pest control – a greener, healthier option – get in touch with us to learn more. Our Gecko Organic/ Natural and Organic Hybrid services are the ideal choice for you.

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