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Got bugs? Get Gecko!

Gecko is your trusted company to provide reliable pest control services in your home.

In the Chico area, spiders and ants are the biggest nuisance. For spiders we use techniques to eliminate their food source helping to reduce the cobwebs and spiders around your home. For ants our treatments are designed to not only control the ants but actually eliminate the nests, including the queens. We are great at what we do, and you will be glad when you choose Gecko as your pest control company!

Peace of Mind… Our Most Important Benefit

With so many pest control companies around these days, it may be a little confusing deciding on the company that’s right for you.

As you research different pest control and termite control companies, one thing to keep in mind is the biggest distinction with Gecko Pest Services is the ultimate peace of mind you get with our comprehensive evaluation, outstanding customer service and total elimination of problematic pests.