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Exterminating roaches is what we do!

Roaches are one of the most dreaded pests within the home. It’s horrifying to see roaches crawling through your bathroom or kitchen. Roaches also carry a lot of diseases with them. They have been known to help spread bacteria like salmonella. It’s important to get rid of roaches as soon as you see them. Seeing one or two is a sign that there is a whole nest of them somewhere in your home.

Common Types:

German cockroaches are among the most common types in California. These cockroaches are notorious for being difficult to get rid of. They tend to live in tropical and subtropical areas. They can vary between 13 and 16 millimeters. Males are usually tan brown. Females are usually darker in color. Both versions of these cockroaches have wings. They are activate all throughout the year. They are often difficult to spot because they only come out at night. Seeing one is a sign that there are many more within a home. Seeing them out during the day is an indication of a severe infestation.

Palmetto bugs are also very common in coastal areas. These are the larger brown roaches. They don’t typically infest homes. They may crawl in if an active food or water source is available. They tend to live in sewers. They crawl into houses through cracks in the walls. They prefer areas that are warm and moist. They’re easily identified by the yellow band across the head. These cockroaches are capable of flying and biting. Palmetto bugs have hairs on their leg that tell them when a predator is nearby. Their legs sense the sound wave. They then run in the opposite direction. This is one of the reason roaches tend to scare people. It can seem as though they are consciously outsmarting your every move.


Eliminating Roaches

Store bought bug sprays usually aren’t powerful enough to completely get rid of roaches. Bug bombs are also a bad idea because they can damage electronics. It is a better idea to hire professionals to remove roaches. Our process for removing roaches involves a careful analysis of your home. We eliminate roach nests and stop them from ever infiltrating your home again.


No matter how bad your roach problem might be, we can handle it. We strongly recommend our Gecko Guard service to ensure your property remains permanently free of roaches.

“After years of battling spiders, fleas, and other random bugs on our property we contacted Rich with Gecko Pest Control and have never been happier. No more spiders, fleas, begs of other creepy crawling bugs on my property. Their service is professional, reliable, and friendly. They went above and beyond to get the spiders and webs out of my garage and house, and to educate me on the type of treatment used in the house to ease my mind about having an infant that crawls around where they treated. Worth every penny. Our family recommends this company 100%!”

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