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Gecko Pest Control are experts at spider infestations.

Spiders are one of the main pests we target during our service.

We treat the eaves of the home to eliminate as many as possible and knock down all your ugly cobwebs. Spiders are also one of the most dangerous insects. In this area we have high numbers of Black Widows. You will be happy when your spider webs and dangerous spiders are gone!

Common Types:

Spiders are one of the most common nuisance pests here in Chico California. Because this was Ag and orchard land, we have a high number of spiders. Most spiders are harmless, but we do have a very dangerous spider here called a Black Widow. These spiders are the most venomous spiders in our area. They don’t generally cause death but they can make you very sick if they bite you. The other less dangerous spiders like daddy long legs and orb weave spiders just cause cobwebs that make your house unsightly.


Our Method:

Our process for treating spiders is to one remove the food source. Spiders are less affected by the residual treatments used for other pests. But the treatments we use will eliminate their food source forcing them to move to other places. We also treat the eves of your home. Any spiders directly treated will be killed. We then knock down any cobwebs that spiders may have built. This does two things: First, it make your home look a lot nicer. Second, it removes the spiders’ ability to collect food. We have great success using these two steps to keep spiders and webs away from your home.

Black Widow Spider

Whatever type of spiders you have we are confident our treatments will eliminate them. We strongly recommend our Gecko Guard service to ensure your property remains permanently free of spiders and cobwebs.

“After years of battling spiders, fleas, and other random bugs on our property we contacted Rich with Gecko Pest Control and have never been happier. No more spiders, fleas, begs of other creepy crawling bugs on my property. Their service is professional, reliable, and friendly. They went above and beyond to get the spiders and webs out of my garage and house, and to educate me on the type of treatment used in the house to ease my mind about having an infant that crawls around where they treated. Worth every penny. Our family recommends this company 100%!”

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Our Gecko Guard 8-Point Pest Service is guaranteed to keep your home or business bug and cobweb free!

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