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The Common and Poisonous Spiders You Can Find in California

Spiders have around 39 different species found in the state of California. They can range in color and sizes. One thing is for sure they are unwanted pests in your home. Spiders, however, do provide an excellent service and aren’t all bad. They can kill off many of the insects you also wouldn’t want to come in contact with. The problem with some of the variety of spiders is that they can be poisonous. While often, their poison is reserved for prey or other smaller insects that would seek to do them harm, it can be somewhat irritating if humans are a bite. It’s important to know what are the common spiders in California that won’t hurt you, and which ones are the poisonous spiders in California, that you should avoid. For instance, California is home to the largest wolf spider in North America, and this specific spider is not harmful. On the other hand, the black widow is poisonous and can have some serious complications. Let’s take a look at the some of the most commonly found spiders you might come across.

Brown recluse

The Brown Recluse

The brown recluse is best known for the bite they leave. These particular spiders, if allergic enough to them can go one nasty mark. They don’t bite unless provoked, but its bite can damage skin tissue. The result can be pretty scary. Of all the spiders found in California, this is a common household one.

Black widow

The Black Widow

The black widow has a reputation for being one of the scariest, and one that is most easily recognized. A bite from a black widow can result in serious health issues such as shortness of breath and muscle aches. While only 5% of those that have been bitten have led to death, this is one spider you do not plan to mess with.

Long-legged sac spider

One Long-Legged Sac Spider

These spiders have the potential to be poisonous although seldom do they bite. Those that are sensitive to their venom can experience painful sensations at the site of the bite. It typically will take months to be fully healed. The long-legged sac spider likes residing in homes and can usually be found under surfaces. They are considered not extremely dangerous because they don’t often bite humans.

California trapdoor spider

California Trapdoor Spider

This spider sometimes gets confused with a tarantula, because they have a similar appearance. They are often found in homes and are usually found in Southern California. They may seem a little frightening, but they are not as harmful as other species.


The Black and Yellow Garden Spider

These spiders, specifically the females, are known for both their size and vibrant yellow and black coloring. They are not poisonous to humans and are commonly found in the gardens and orchards.


While spiders can be poisonous, many don’t want to hurt or even interact with humans. If you notice that you are having trouble with ridding your home of these common California spiders, it is best to call in the pest control.

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