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The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Termite Prevention

One of the worst fears a homeowner can encounter is termites. These insects can chew through wood very quickly and cause severe damage to a home’s structural integrity. Naturally, when you purchase your home, you want to make sure it is free of these insects. But what if you have been living in your residence for a while and want to make sure there is no way they can make a home in your home? There is some pretty bad advice out there about termite prevention, and much of it stems from not completely understanding the termite facts. Commonly misunderstood by people are:


  • Not understanding termite control
  • Not knowing how termites can invade your home
  • Thinking once your home is infested, termite removal is easy to do on your own
  • Assuming that a termite treatment is a one and done process

Termites can go along time unnoticed; this is mainly due to where they habitat in your home. Any wood that meets soil is a potential warning sign that you could have an infestation. There are three main types of termites the damp wood, dry wood, and subterranean. Each of these poses a unique treat and have different woods that catches their attention. A professional will be able to point out which you are at risk during such situation. It is a great idea to be informed of the potential risk for infestation. However, there is some advice you shouldn’t listen to when it comes to termite prevention, and these are the worst we have heard.

“If I get termites, I don’t need to call a pest control company; I can get rid of them on my own.”

It is one of the worst ideas a homeowner can have. Termites spread, and fast. They nestle in, and their damage might be extensive. For most new professionals you are not going to be able to eliminate all the terminates altogether, and leaving behind just a few will allow them to multiply.

“I own a brick home, so I don’t need to worry about termites.”

While you may have a brick home, your interior is the same as any other home, made with a wood framing. It means you can be just as likely to have an infestation in the next house over that isn’t brick. Safeguarding your home and making sure it is completely sealed off is an excellent preventative measure but it isn’t a 100 percent.

“Termite prevention from a Pest Control Company is too expensive!

We’ll never understand the thought that if you just don’t think about something or are not proactive, it won’t happen to you. Not treating your residence for termites can result in costly damage, much more so than the cost of preventive treatments. So instead, of listening to your neighbor who swears you don’t need it, consider the alternative. If you get a termite infestation, the cost of extermination and repairs are going to outweigh having a preventative treatment done.


If you have never had your home treated for termites or unsure if you should, consult your local pest control for advice on how to keep these destructive insects out of your home. Knowing how termites enter your home and how you can best keep your home safe is the best place to start. The next is a call to pest control.

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