About Us

At Gecko Pest Control we have four pillars we built the company on.  Everyone winning, training, good technology, and customer service.  Our belief is that if you support your team, and give them good tools, excellent customer service will follow.  

Everyone has to win


What does “Everyone has to win” mean? It means that customers, employees, and owners have to win. It starts by being customer-focused. The tech needs to make sure the customer is getting an excellent experience by choosing Gecko. It also means employees have to win.  For employees, winning means more than money. Employees have to be cared about and treated like the important part of the organization that they are. Finally, if everything is working right and customers and employees are winning, it makes sense for the company to make a little profit, so the owners win. It’s a beautiful thing when everyone wins!



Training is the cornerstone of success for us. It is so essential that our classroom-style training center is the center of our building. We felt that employees could provide a better experience if they had better training. Combining classroom-style training with hands-on experience makes our technicians the most trained in the area.

Cutting Edge Service


We are consistently putting effort into making our service more effective and easier for our customers. We are the only company offering a Ten-Step service. We are also the first to print weather-resistant service reports and provide cellular cameras to monitor rodent activity. These are a few examples of how we are constantly developing ways to provide better service.


Customer service


Does honest customer service still exist? It does at Gecko! And it shows by the list of 5-star reviews that we get every year. We believe customer service starts by doing the little things right. For instance, sending a text the day before your treatment, so you know we are coming. Or leaving detailed notes on your service report. Customer service also means fixing your pest issues with a smile.   

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