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If you have an ant infestation, call Gecko Now.  We know this area, and we know how to treat the four different types of ants we have.  Our 10 step service controls ants in 3 ways.  First we begin with a combination of Baits (both sweet and protein) and then follow with specialized sprays. Through this process, we are able to solve your ant problem.  No one does more to control ants long term.

The climate in the north-state is perfect for ants.  Our wet winters provide plenty of moisture, and our dry summers allow colonies of ants to explode.  The ants in this area have food sources like other insects, food debris, and some will feed off of honeydew left by aphids.

We are unlucky to have four major invasive ants in our area.  Included are Odorous house ants, Argentine Ants, Pharaoh Ants, and Carpenter Ants.  The most invasive of these ants are the Argentine and Odorous House Ants.  These invasive ants will build super colonies with up to 15 nests spread around your property.  In some cases, the ant colony is so large it can spread across several of your neighbor’s yards.  Choose Gecko Pest Control to eliminate your ant problem.  We know the top ants in our area better and have the experience to exterminate them fast!

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Odorous House Ants

Pharoh Ants

Argentine Ants

Carpenter Ants

Odorous House Ants

This is the most feared ant by pest control techs. This is the most invasive ant species we have. Because they are resistant to some of the primary insecticides. They took over this role from the Argentine ant. Colonies have a mutual aid program. Sharing food and water with multiple colonies. These ants will create a city of ant colonies all through your hard.


Odorous house ants are the ones that keep coming back. Ever had a never-ending ant problem? You spray, and they keep coming back weeks or days later? This is the most likely culprit. Odorous house ants (OHA for short) have multiple colonies all over your yard. Killing off one trail just allows other colonies to take their place. Using the wrong insecticide can cause the hyper expansion to replace missing ants. OHA?s are tough to control!


Geckos 10 step service is the perfect solution for Odorous House Ants. These ants need every tool in the bag thrown at them. Our 10 step program uses a combination of baits and liquid treatments to make sure we get these ants under control long term. If you have OHAs, you need Gecko!

Argentine Ants

This used to be the dominant ant in the area. This is a sweet feeding ant that loved the many orchards we had in this area.  Argentine ants are light brown skinny ants about 1/8 in length.  These ants make massive colonies that number in the hundreds of thousands.  Less common nowadays because the invasive Odorous House Ant has pushed them out.

With these ants, the colonies can be massive. With a continuous food and water source, the colony will explode.   These ants have been found with colonies numbering over a million Ants.  These ants will find your sugary foods and infest them. Don’t leave an open soda can outside!


Have you ever heard the saying the bigger they are, the harder they fall?  Even though Argentine ants’ colony size is huge, our products are great at controlling them.  During follow-up inspections, it is common for us to find piles and piles of dead Argentine ants.  

Pharaoh Ants

This tiny yellow/brown Ant is a tough one. A sweet feeding ant that nests inside your walls. Commonly found near kitchens. In some cases, you will find them nesting in attic insulation near water pipes.


The wrong liquid treatment can cause this ant to spread all over your home. When they detect the spray the queens will gather ants start new colonies. Make sure this ant is identified correctly.


With proper id from our highly trained techs, we are able to control these ants long term. The other good about these ants is colony size. Pharoh ants have a much smaller colony size compared to other ants.

Carpenter Ants

The most feared Ant in the area by homeowners. People envision Carpenter ants turning their entire home into sawdust. These ants are very common pests in our area. Sometimes you will find them in dead stumps and walking along fence lines. They commonly have a red segment on their body.


Carpenter ants eat deadwood. Most houses are made of deadwood. This is the risk from these ants. If left untreated they can cause substantial damage.


Carpenter ants tend to have small colonies.  This small colony size makes this ant one of the easier to control.

We have special baits and liquid treatments that can knock this pest down fast.

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