Bed Bugs?

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Getting Bites? Seeing Bed Bugs?

You”re not alone. Chico is experiencing a major Bed Bug outbreak! Throughout California, bed bug infestations are
exploding. Resistance to most treatments has allowed these bugs to infest every city. The problem is getting worse!

Gecko’s Solution

Gecko has your solution for bed bug control in Chico.  We are the only local company using a 4 step process to eliminate Bed Bugs. This process uses a combination of Heat and Chemicals to kill all stages of bed bugs. Our process even kills the eggs. Got bed bugs? Get Gecko Now!

Free Bed Bug Id

Text a picture to the bed bug ID hotline at 888-804-3256
A Licensed tech will identify Fast!

What do bed bugs look like?

Bed bugs are small, about the size of an apple seed. They are brownish-red in color with a very flat shape. Here are some examples of a mattress. Notice the dark spots? Those are blood spots from the Bed Bug

Bed Bug 4 Step Process

1Deep Vacuum: It may seem like a simple step but it is super important. Every egg, every live bug removed is a problem permanently solved.

2Heat Treatment: Bed bugs are very susceptible to heat. At a temperature of 115 degrees, every bed bug will expire within 1 minute. We use a commercial 220-degree dry steam unit. During the treatment, we focus the heat on the areas most likely to harbor bed bugs. This step kills 100% of the visible bugs and eggs.

3Liquid Chemical Treatment: The benefit of using a local company. By testing, we found the most effective liquid product for our area. This product is so special, we only use it for bed bugs. This is a long-term control product with an active residual of over 2 months.

4Dust Treatment: The final step in our process. University studies show this product lasts the longest. This dust is applied to bed bug harborage areas. This final step gives you the longest control available.

Where do bed bugs come from?

Bed bugs have infested every city in California. But where did they come from?

They do not fly, and they don’t travel much on their own. Their primary means of travel is hitchhiking on infested items. If you stayed at a hotel, you may have picked up bedbugs. The bedbugs will crawl from the room into your luggage. Second-hand furniture is another common infestation source.

Some people will take used furniture home, then clean it and resell it.  Many times they had no idea it was infested. Another source could be the shared laundry room at your apartments.  Bed bugs could be shook loose from clothing and then crawl into your clean laundry basket.

On a good note, in most cases, bed bugs don’t crawl from unit to unit. In nearly every case, the bugs needed a host to help them get into your home.

Bed Bug Q&A

#1 Do bed bugs fly?

No bed bugs do not fly. They don’t even have wings. They infest homes by hitchhiking.

#2 Do bed bugs bite in a straight line?

Yes they can. Universities found that bed bugs will follow a vein when feeding. This can lead to bites that follow a straight line. Be careful though, bites are not an industry method to identify a bed bug infestaton. A thorough inspection is the only way to positively identify a bed bug infestation. Only medical professionals can identify a bed bug bite.

What is the best way to identify a bedbug?

The best way to identify a bed bug is to send us a picture. We have a free bed bug text hotline (888-804-3256) you can send your pictures to. We will respond Fast! After taking pictures, please place bugs in a ziplock, so we can view them in person if needed. 

How do you identify a bed bug bite?

Bed bug bites resemble bites from other pests like fleas and mosquitoes. The bites create a reddish blister.  In many cases, different people react differently to bed bug bites. The only way to positively identify a bed bug bite is through a medical professional.

Is there an Organic Treatment?

Our company hasn’t found any Organic products that completely control bed bugs. Some products will kill a few, but those products lack any long-term control. Missing one egg, or one live bedbug isn’t worth the risk.

What products kill bed bugs

Unfortunately, products that fully control bed bugs are not available locally. The local home stores all carry products that list bed bugs. The problem is the resistance (much like antibiotic resistance) evolved to the point, those products won’t give 100% control. University of California Ipm bed bug program confirms this.

Does Diatamatios earth, (DE) kill bed bugs

Yes and No. Yes it will kill some bed bugs. De is a great organic product. But it isn’t enough. DE kill very slow.  This allows the bugs to reproduce faster than the DE can control them. And it won’t control any eggs. Only use DE in combination with other products to control Bed bugs.

Which is better Heat or Chemicals?

If you ask a heat only guy, he says heat. If you ask a chemical only person, he says chemical. If you ask Gecko, we say both. Bed bugs are a serious public nuisance. In our opinion 100% control will take more than one method.

Do bed bugs bite everyone?

That’s the strange part. Some people don’t get bites. One project we went to. The wife had several bites, the husband had none. We assumed the bugs were only in her office. Turns out their shared bed was infested also. We were shocked when we found hundreds of bugs all over the mattress. The husband was either immune, or the bugs didn’t favor him. The bugs were only bitting the Wife. Based on this experience, bed bugs can be selective feeders.

How to prevent bed bugs

The best way to prevent bed bugs is to be very careful what you bring into your home. Avoid items from yard sales and free furniture. Another useful tip is to sanitize your clothes after traveling. This can done by immediately popping your clothing into a dryer set at high temp. And as a final suggestion. Purchase mattress encasements. These will lock the bugs out of the folds and seams of your mattress. These covers can also be removed and sanitized through a clothes dryer if necessary.

Where can I find out more Info about Bed Bugs?

Finding information about bed bugs can be tricky. Many websites try and sell you a spray or a quick fix. The information is tainted by the desire to sell a quick cheap solution. To avoid this confusion, I recommend the University of California IPM program for more info. This provides information based on college research.

Do bed bugs bite Pets.

Yes! Bed bugs can feed on animals. Cats and dogs are mammals, just like us. In rare cases, bed bugs can feed on both bats and birds also. This is why inspecting pet bedding is so important.

How fast do bed bugs reproduce

Bed bugs can produce up to 500 eggs in their 1 year life. The eggs hatch in only about 15 days. One single female bed bug can be responsible for thousands and thousands of offspring and relatives.

Do bed bugs feed only at night?

Bed bugs are nocturnal, they do feed at night. They prefer a dark quiet environment to feed. This allows them the safety to climb on a host and start eating without being disturbed.  If you are seeing bugs during the day, this could be a sign that your infestation is much worse than you expected.

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