Long before humans realized that many of our plagues were the result of marauding insects, we had an aversion to things that crawled. Before we knew the death of our crops came from invading bugs (rather than the mystic whoever), we still didn’t care for those annoying pests. A natural reaction, then, was pest control. When the insect world pushes us beyond live-and-let-live, we push back. We step down hard when it’s one-on-one, and swat with our hands to remove the air. At some point, the job gets too big, however, and we need a professional. Threats to our health or the integrity of our homes mean calling a pest control company. Increasingly people understand the need for natural pest control. Curing or guarding against infestation doesn’t mean you have to live with toxins. We want to be lethal to the bugs, not ourselves, and organic pest control achieves that end.


When you want to make a smart choice about choosing a pest control company, you start with some basic questions. The type of pests you want to be rid of is, of course, the first consideration. Depending upon which pests you target, some companies may have a better track record than others. The hallmark of a pest control professional is that they understand the habits, habitats, and lifestyles of the various parasites. It enables them to track and eradicate the creatures and prevent their return.


Friends, family, and neighbors can give good references and recommendations for a good pest control company. There are also online reviews and business referral sites. Once you’ve vetted the company from afar, contact them and get an estimate. If possible, get an onsite evaluation. Direct communication is the perfect time for you to see if their reputation matches their practices.


As we mentioned earlier, organic pest control is a cost-effective way to be rid of infestation without toxic danger to your family or pets. Whether it be insects or vermin, there are several natural ways to destroy pests without exposing yourself to toxins. There are chemical products that employ truly natural ingredients but still deliver the needed lethality. Beware companies that pass off some poisons as ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ just because they originally came from a natural source.


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Using a natural pest control company in a place like Chico, California is almost a matter of course. The town carries the moniker, “The City of Roses.” For more than three decades it’s been a ‘tree city’ for the National Arbor Day Foundation. Green living means a lot to Chico’s residents, so it stands to reason a natural pest control option would appeal to them. Gecko Pest Control is a company that serves Chico, CA and its surrounding areas. They supply the gamut of organic pest control options. They offer natural and biological deterrents, as well as a hybrid mix of original and synthetic when the need arises. All their choices provide the safe and hazard-free application. Gecko is a family owned business, so they put a premium on keeping your family and your home safe from harm.