Crickets may not seem to be particularly harmful creatures, and they usually aren?t. They are important members of the natural world, and are not violent in the way that some insects are when threatened. They prefer the outdoors, but will come inside if it gets too cold or food is scarce. If this happens, there are plenty of DIY methods of keeping crickets under control. If DIY methods don?t manage your cricket problem, don?t hesitate to call a professional pest control service.


A Few Cricket Factsgrasshopper

Crickets are nocturnal creatures, and guilty of those chirping noises at night. They survive by scavenging and are omnivorous-they?ll eat pretty much anything, including dead crickets. They can be pretty handy to have around gardens because they eat destructive insects like aphids and ants. Unfortunately for us, their appetites don?t stop there. Once inside, crickets will eat fabric, paper, stored food, and even rubber. It?s the cricket?s voracious appetite that makes him a less than ideal housemate. Your stored food, furniture, and clothes are all on the menu.

Crickets are attracted to bright light, and like to burrow near heat sources during the winter months. In the house, you can find crickets near a water heater or furnace, and nooks that might keep them warm. Crickets can also be found in trash piles, since waste can give off heat and provides a food source for these scavengers.

Life spans vary depending on type of cricket. A house cricket will live from one to three months, field crickets can live several months, and mole crickets can live up to a year. Most die off during very cold weather, but some field crickets and adult mole crickets are able to lie dormant during the winter months.


Ways to Keep Crickets Out of the House

    ? Seal all potential points of entry. Use weather stripping to close gaps around doors and windows and seal any gaps in the foundation of the home.
    ? Use a tight lid to cover trash-crickets are drawn to the smell.
    ? Switch out bright white lights with yellow LED or bug lights. Use curtains or blinds at night-crickets are attracted to bright light.


DIY Ways to Get Rid of Crickets

    ? Make your own traps:
    • o Lay out sticky traps along walls and other suspected hangouts. Sprinkle cornmeal on the traps-this will be the bait.
    • o Sweet trap: Mix a 1:10 ratio of molasses to water in bowls. Place these bowls along walls, under furniture, near heat sources, or wherever you have seen crickets.
    ? Spray pesticide along baseboards, around garbage cans, windows and doors, and garages.
    ? Keep pepper spray handy, or a spray bottle with soapy water. Both are lethal to crickets, but you have to spray them directly.
    ? Be sure to remove cricket eggs to prevent a repeat infestation. Vacuum the eggs and dispose of them in a sealed bag.

I always applaud the DIY attitude, however, there does come a time and place when a professional should be utilized for extraction. If you find that your DIY options aren?t working it?s time to consider a professional.