How to Naturally Get Rid of Spiders: Before They Bite


If you haven’t yet taken a good look at some of the pictures online of people who have been bitten by spiders, they’re worth checking out. Black Widow and Brown Recluse spider bites are devastating.


A bite from either of them causes the area where the bite occurred to become necrotic, leaving a large hole in the flesh. So it’s no secret that spiders have developed such a bad reputation.


No one in their right mind tolerates them in their home. At the same time, though, so many of the harsh chemical products available now to eradicate spiders are also something that no one in their right mind would want to spread around their home.


The effects of a spider bite our immediate. But what about the effects of using harsh chemical agents that you can find on the shelves at your local hardware store? Does anybody really know how they affect a person over the long term?


So now, discerning homeowners who don’t want to be bit by a spider and don’t want to be poisoned are discovering how to naturally get rid of spiders.


It all begins outdoors, and so should you


So often, the best way to get resolve a problem is to begin at the source.


To pull a weed out by the roots. The same thing applies to spiders living in your home.


So the best tip that you get on how to naturally get rid of spiders is to start in by eradicating them around your yard. Would you believe that wasps capture and feed spiders to their young?


Well, it’s true. So if you’re up to it, you may want to let a few wasp nests to flourish up in the eaves of your home or an outbuilding.


Then another proactive approach that you may want to take is to buy a leaf blower and use that to occasionally blast fallen leaves away under and around plants and bushes in your Landscaping.


Believe it or not, electric leaf blowers also work great inside your home to blast away cobwebs up in the corners of high ceilings. It’s feel-good thing.


Go ahead and see for yourself how good it feels to watch spiders and their cobwebs fly away into the wind after you blast them with your handy electric leaf blower.


What smells work to keep spiders away?


You may be surprised to discover that spiders have a sense of smell. They can also hear and have eyes that see. So then it should come as no surprise that spiders have odors that they like and don’t like.


These studies were done on wolf spiders. So while they aren’t black widows or brown recluse spiders, who in the right mind would want a spider with a name like wolf spider anywhere near their home?


Garlic works great for keeping all types of insects away. It’s so easy to plant and grow too. It almost takes care of itself. So pick up a few bulbs of garlic at your local grocery store and then poke holes in the ground around your home to stuff a clove into.


Mint and basil are other proven spider repellents. Both of these plants require more attention than your hearty garlic plants, but mint and basil also have so many uses in the kitchen.


Then make a point of checking your window screens to ensure a secure fit. It’s nice to know how to naturally get rid of spiders outside, but your window screens will protect you from any that slip by.


What about a natural spider killer?


The answer to this question is short and simple. Standard white vinegar is a highly effective natural spider killer because it’s acidic. They die from chemical burns caused by the acetic acid contained in white vinegar.


So if you want to know how to naturally get rid of spiders that you find in your home, a small hand-operated pump sprayer filled with white vinegar can be your go-to weapon of choice.


Be aware, though, that once you start in spraying vinegar around your home, the smell of vinegar is going to stick around for a while. So you may want to consider purchasing and plugging in an aroma vaporizer, and orange or lime would be a good choice of smells.


This is because spiders can’t stand the aroma of citrus. Any type of citrus. So along with the pleasant smell of citrus in your home, if you haven’t already, you may want to add an orange or lemon tree to the list of trees and bushes to plant around your yard.


Don’t make your home a pleasant place for spiders to live


Knowing how to naturally get rid of spiders is great. But what’s even better is knowing how to prevent them from moving into your home in the first place.


It’s a mistake that far too many people make. That is to unwittingly do things that make their home ideal spider habitat. For sure, hoarding is something that you should never do if you are worried about being bitten by a spider.


But there are also other things that you could do to make life hard for any spiders considering camping out in and around your home. One of them is to not neglect your garage, as many people all too often do.


Open your garage door and blast it out with your leaf blower now and then. Also, if you plan on storing personal items long-term, containerize them in good quality packing boxes and then tape them up after you are done packing.


Remember that the worst thing you want is nesting spiders. This is because it only takes a few spiders to produce a large crop of offspring to fill your home.


So the biggest tip that you can get on how to naturally get rid of spiders is to eradicate spiders before they can start building nests and laying eggs.


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