Homeowners spend thousands of dollars yearly on termite treatment and repairing the destruction that they cause. Because of that, people tend to take termite treatment quite seriously. There are many different types of termites, so there are many different treatments. For each treatment, the objective is to stop termites from eating the wood inside their business or residence. Great companies like Ultra Tech Pest Control help in making the right choices to the pest problems you face.


Many homebuyers and contractors have new homes treated to stop termites from infecting. These treatments can be performed before construction begins or during the construction project. These treatments are typically referred to as pre-construction termite treatments.


For years, pre?construction treatments were performed with liquid termiticides. While this mode is still quite common, there are other termite treatment processes being created. Several pre?construction termite treatments utilize a physical barrier in the soil to prevent termites from getting into the house. These barriers are usually constructed of wire mesh, plastic, sand, and gravel.


Also, pre-construction treatments are being performed with termite bait stations that are put into the soil. In various parts of the United States, the framing lumber is conditioned with a borate solution at the same time the house is being constructed. This treatment doesn?t distress the lumber, but it makes the wood poisonous to termites if they ever eat it.


It is usual for businesses and homes to be treated after they have been built. These termite treatments are referred to as post?construction treatments. Since underground termites are very commonplace in many parts of the US, they?re the type of termites that attack most residences.


Treatments against underground termites are done for a few reasons. The main one is to prevent termites from destroying a house or to stop them from attacking. If the termite treatment is preventive, it typically includes treating the entire home. These are usually referred to as complete treatments.


If termites have attacked a residential or commercial property, a complete treatment is commonly performed. If the property structure is large, the affected area/s are treated. This is referred to as spot treatment. If a part of a property structure is being treated, it is referred to as a partial treatment.


Like pre-construction, post?construction treatments usually involve liquid termiticides. They?re put in the soil under a business/home and surrounding the foundation to form a protective shield against underground termites. Liquid termiticide is applied with a machine that transforms the liquid into foam. This assists in spreading the termiticide under the property structure.


Additionally, termite baits are frequent in post-construction treatments. The baits are put in the soil surrounding a business or home. They?re often used by themselves or alongside liquid termiticide treatments. Furthermore, there are termite bait stations that can be fastened to a wall where termites are attacking.


Many property owners reach out to a professional pest control company, such as Ultra Tech Pest Control, for help with stopping termites. They can classify the type of termite that is attacking the property structure. Also, they can identify any maintenance problems that should be taken care of to stop future termite issue.