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Got bugs? Get Gecko!

No one does more to protect residential homes from pests.
Our 10 step NO Contract service provides the best pest protection. That?s because we just do more, ten steps, to be exact. Each part of the process targets our common pest problems in multiple ways. For example, our 10 step program controls Rats in Two ways. We use secure bait stations to control outdoor rodents and inspect your home for every service for rodent access points. For ant control, we also have multiple steps, including baits and sprays, to help keep them out of your home for good. This program is also great for the other top pests in our area, like spiders, cockroaches, and ants.

Our ten-step service is available for every residential home. But we realized that people want more choice in the products used around their home. From Organic to Smartchoice traditional, we are confident you will find the perfect program for your home.

Smart Choice Traditional

This program is the most popular program for your home and is highly effective against many common pests found in the area. This program is perfect for those with Bug-A-Phobia because we do everything we can to keep bugs out of your home and out of sight. We understand that Roaches, Ants, and spiders are the most troublesome pests in Northern California. The Smart Choice 10 step program will control those top pest pests better. We do this by using a combination of baits, sprays, and exclusion. Rodent and bug problems with be solved using Gecko?s Smart Choice Traditional.

Organic Hybrid Program

We only use organic/natural products to do a treatment inside your home when needed with this program. On the outside of the house, we use a combination of Organic products and hand-picked traditional products. This method combines the effectiveness of conventional pest control products in a concentrated area with the comfort of knowing that only organic/natural products have been applied in the living space where your family and pets spend most of their time.

Natural Organic Program An excellent solution for those that are most sensitive about the type of products used in their home. With our Natural Organic Program, we use pest control solutions that are entirely green. One product made with essential oils that naturally deter pests and spiders. The compound Essentria IC3- contains essential oils like rosemary, mint, and Geraniol. Ic3 is an excellent product for inside and outside the home. Outside the house, our technicians will use a combination of organic baits to control ants and roaches. Then we apply organic sprays for spiders and other crawling insects.

This program gives you the comfort of knowing your
home is protected from pests and free from synthetic
pesticides. Only available with monthly service.

Geckos 10 step Service

1Pre-service notice: We always notify you, the day before service. Text works best, but we can email or call too.

2Pre-inspectio: Quick look around your home for Rodent Entry Points!!!!!! Very important to keep rodents out of your home.

3Cobweb removal. Keeping your home looking clean and neat. Fence line and small outbuildings included

4Spiders+Plus:(spray treatment) This product controls Spiders, Black Widows, earwigs, centipedes, Mosquitoes, Paper Wasps, and many other crawling insects. Long residual creates a strong barrier.

5Ants Plus Spray Treatment: The stuff the ants bring back to the nest. Also controls Roaches, Beetles, Crickets, and many other crawling insects.
6Granular treatment. Placed in flower beds and yard areas. This low impact bait targets Roaches, Ants, Earwigs and even Snails. Long term control of the most invasive pests.
7 Ant Bait Station. Stations are placed in the yard areas. Liquid or Gell bait draws ants away from your home and controls them before they infest.
8Synthetic Nicotine Spray. Used around ant bait stations, designed to eliminate nearby colonies as they are drawn to the bait stations.
9Rodent Bait Station. This is a keyed secured bait station specifically for Rats and Mice. We use a newer generation of baits that is very effective.
10Post Service Report: Paper or Digital, you choose. This report lists products used on your property, and any issues that need your attention.

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