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Not a fan of those spiders everywhere? Understandable. In Chico, spider control is what Gecko excels at. Proven methods, happy customers, and a mission to help.

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Why choose us for your spider control needs?

Spiders can turn any home or office into a house of horrors overnight. At Gecko Pest Control, our deep-rooted experience in Chico over the past decade helps us understand these eight-legged nuisances. Our commitment and methods have made us a trusted name in spider control. Here’s why our clients believe in us:


Masters of spider behavior

Our approach is holistic, understanding spiders to ensure they don’t make a comeback.

Ten years and counting

A decade in spider control has refined our skills, helping numerous clients live spider-free.

Cutting-edge spider solutions

We employ the latest techniques to ensure your space remains clear of all spider types.

Safety above all

While lethal to spiders, our treatments are designed to keep your family, pets, and surroundings safe.

Knowledge evolving with time

As spider control methods evolve, so does our team. Regular training keeps us at the forefront.

Tailored for our area

Our strategies are designed with local spider species and challenges in mind, offering specialized solutions.

Common spider species

These critters play an essential role in the ecosystem, some may be less welcome in our homes than others. Let’s get acquainted with the four most common spiders you might encounter in this region.
Black Widow

Black Widow

Recognized by its black color and red hourglass shape on the abdomen, this spider is known in Chico. Although venomous, they’re generally reclusive and avoid confrontation.

Yellow Sac Spider

Yellow Sac Spider

Often found inside homes, the Yellow Sac Spider has a pale beige to yellow body. While their bite can be painful, it’s rarely severe.

Wolf Spider

Wolf Spider

Wolf spiders are often mistaken for tarantulas due to their size. They have a hairy appearance and can be found both indoors and out, mostly hunting at night.

Grass Spider

Grass Spider

Recognizable by the funnel-shaped webs they weave, Grass Spiders are speedy runners. They are brownish in color with light and dark stripes near the head. Typically found in gardens and grassy areas, they are harmless.

Commercial And Residential Pest Control Services

Serving homes & businesses

In Chico, spiders are a concern for homeowners and businesses. For residents, certain spider species can be venomous, causing anxiety and potential health risks.

Businesses, especially those that deal with customers on-site like stores or hotels, may face declining patronage if spider sightings or infestations are reported. Negative reviews or word of mouth can significantly impact a business’s reputation.

Understanding these distinct challenges, our spider control services cater to the unique needs of both residential and commercial settings. We’re here to help ensure that your environments remain comfortable, safe, and spider-free.


Residential homes




Office buildings






School districts


Grocery stores


Day care centers

We’ve got the solution

While most spiders are harmless, a bite from a venomous one can cause serious health issues. Moreover, their webs can create an unsightly mess in corners and unused areas. Gecko Pest Control has the perfect antidote. Our spider control services blend in-depth inspections with targeted treatments, ensuring that both the spiders and their webs are thoroughly addressed. Ensure a spider-free zone; let Gecko bring clarity to your spaces.
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service guarantee

We know that a spider-free home brings peace of mind. That’s why at Gecko, we vouch for our spider control services. If spiders decide to spin their webs between our visits, we’re back to clear them out, and it won’t cost you extra. Armed with vast experience and targeted solutions, we pledge to keep your corners clear. With Gecko, you’re choosing clarity and commitment.
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What's included in the spider control service?

Our spider control service is comprehensive. It starts with a thorough inspection of your property to identify common spider habitats and any potential entry points. Once identified, we use a combination of treatments to eliminate the spiders present and deterrents to keep them from returning. Post-treatment, we also offer guidance on preventative measures to maintain a spider-free environment.

Is the service safe for my kids and pets?

Absolutely. We prioritize the safety of your family and pets. Our spider treatments are carefully chosen and applied to be effective against spiders while minimizing exposure risks to other living beings. Plus, our technicians will guide you on any precautions to take post-treatment.

How quickly can I expect to see results after the service?

The majority of our clients report a noticeable reduction in spider activity within a week. Complete elimination might take a bit longer, especially in cases of severe infestations. Regular follow-up treatments can ensure a spider-free home in the long run.

How do I identify a spider infestation in my home?

Frequent spider sightings, a proliferation of webs (especially in corners and little-used spaces), or discovery of egg sacs can signal a spider infestation. Particular concern should arise if venomous spiders, like the black widow, are spotted.

What does the spider treatment process involve?

Our treatment process is multi-faceted. It involves a mixture of sprays, baits, and traps to get rid of existing spiders. We also take preventative measures, like sealing gaps and cracks in your home’s exterior, to ensure spiders don’t make their way back inside.

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How often should I schedule a spider control service?

For homes in areas prone to spider activity, we recommend a bi-annual check-up and treatment to ensure these arachnids are kept at bay. More frequent services might be required for properties with persistent spider issues.

Is your spider treatment environmentally friendly?

We’re committed to eco-friendly practices. While our treatments are potent spider adversaries, they’re designed to have minimal impact on the environment. We constantly update our methods to align with green industry standards.

What if spiders reappear after the treatment?

Our goal is to provide long-lasting relief from spiders. Should they make an unwelcome return between our scheduled visits, we commit to retreating your property at no extra cost to ensure your satisfaction.

Do you offer a guarantee on your spider control service?

Indeed, we do. At the core of our service is our commitment to your satisfaction. If you’re not content with the results post-treatment, we’ll keep refining our approach until you’re completely satisfied.