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Wasps turning your yard into a no-go zone? Here in Chico, wasp control is a Gecko specialty. We have the know-how, the experience, and a lot of grateful customers.

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Why choose us for your wasp control needs?

Wasps can transform any relaxing outdoor space into a zone of caution. With Gecko Pest Control, you’re leaning on a team that’s been safeguarding Chico from wasps for over a decade. Our dedication to excellence and unique methodologies place us at the top of wasp control providers. Discover why so many trust us:


Wasp nest specialists

It’s not just about removing wasps but ensuring they don’t return. Our expertise lies in thorough wasp nest treatments.

A legacy in wasp control

For over ten years, we’ve been the shield against wasp invasions for many in the community.

Advanced wasp defense

Using modern techniques, we ensure wasps don’t stand a chance.

Prioritizing your safety

While we deal with wasps, we ensure the safety of you, your family, and the environment.

Committed to knowledge

Our team constantly updates their skills, ensuring you get the best in wasp control.

Common wasp species

Navigating the warm months of Chico without encountering wasps can seem nearly impossible. Given their reputation for painful stings, these flying foes are often met with unease. Understanding the common wasps in the area can help you take precautions. From minor nuisances to potential home damage, knowing your foe is essential. Let’s dive into these local ant species and see how Gecko keeps them in check.

Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jackets

These aggressive wasps, recognized by their bright yellow and black patterned bodies, often nest in the ground or in walls. They’re attracted to sweet foods and can be particularly aggressive in late summer.

Paper Wasp

Paper Wasps

Slender with long legs and a brownish-orange color, paper wasps construct umbrella-shaped nests from chewed wood pulp, usually under eaves or ledges.

Mud Dauber

Mud Daubers

These solitary wasps have a distinctive slender, thread-waist body. They build tubular mud nests, often on the sides of buildings. Unlike other wasps, they’re not particularly aggressive.

Bald Face Hornet

Bald-Faced Hornets

A subset of yellow jackets, these black and white wasps build large, spherical paper nests in trees or shrubs. They’re protective of their territory and can be aggressive when threatened.

Commercial And Residential Pest Control Services

Serving homes & businesses

In Chico, wasps pose unique challenges both for homeowners and business proprietors. At homes, they threaten the safety of residents, causing painful stings and potentially serious allergic reactions.

For businesses, especially those that rely on outdoor spaces like cafes or retail shops, wasp nests can deter customers, affecting reputation and revenue. Recognizing these distinct concerns, our wasp control services are meticulously designed to cater to the needs of both households and businesses.

We aim to restore safety and peace to your property, ensuring it remains free from the menace of wasps.


Residential homes




Office buildings






School districts


Grocery stores


Day care centers

We’ve got the solution

A wasp sting can be extremely painful and potentially dangerous for those allergic. Moreover, nests near entrances or patios can be intimidating for residents and visitors alike. Enter Gecko Pest Control with a definitive solution. Our wasp control techniques emphasize safe nest removal and preventive steps to deter future nesting. Say no to wasp-related anxieties; choose Gecko for swift and efficient resolution.
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service guarantee

Your outdoor moments should be sting-free and delightful. Here at Gecko, we’re so certain of our wasp control measures that we bring you this guarantee: If wasps return between our treatments, we’ll be back, ensuring their removal without additional charges. Trust in our years of expertise and advanced methods. Pick Gecko and bask in the peace of a wasp-free environment.
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What does the wasp control service include?

Our wasp control service encompasses everything from the initial identification of wasp nests and species to the final removal and prevention techniques. First, we conduct an in-depth inspection of your property, locating active and dormant nests. Post-identification, we employ specialized treatments to eliminate the wasp colonies, ensuring they’re removed safely and efficiently. Finally, we guide clients on preventing future infestations, including steps like regular property checks and sealing potential nesting areas.

Is the treatment safe for my children and pets?

The safety of your loved ones is paramount to us. All our wasp treatments are selected to be potent against wasps while minimizing risks to humans and pets. Once the treatment is administered, our trained technicians will inform you about any necessary precautions to ensure safety.

How long will it take to see results after the service?

In most instances, the reduction in wasp activity is evident almost immediately post-treatment. However, for certain species and larger infestations, it might take a few days to observe complete results.

How can I recognize a wasp infestation on my property?

Visible signs of wasp infestations include frequent sightings of wasps, discovery of nests—often in wall cavities, attics, or trees—and increased wasp activity around particular areas of your property.

What's involved in the wasp treatment process?

The process starts with locating and identifying the nests. Once we determine the wasp species and nest locations, we use tailored treatments—ranging from sprays to baits—to eradicate the colonies. Additionally, we take steps to ensure that recurring infestations are minimized, such as sealing potential nesting spots.

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How frequently should I schedule wasp control services?

Annual checks are usually sufficient for most properties. However, if you’re in an area with high wasp activity or have had recurrent issues, semi-annual or even quarterly services might be advisable.

Is your wasp treatment eco-friendly?

Sustainability is a key tenet of our approach. While our treatments are designed to be ruthlessly effective against wasps, they’re also crafted to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We constantly align our treatments with best eco-friendly practices.

What should I do if wasps return after the treatment?

Consistency is vital to our promise of a wasp-free environment. If you notice a resurgence of wasp activity between our visits, we pledge to re-service your property at no extra charge to ensure the problem is rectified.

Do you back your wasp control service with a guarantee?

Absolutely! Our commitment is not just to eliminate the current wasp problem but to ensure you’re satisfied with the results. If you’re not content, we’re determined to work with you until you are.