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The Problem with Cockroaches

Cockroaches are some of the dirtiest pests in our area. And Chico has 5 different types of?these filthy pests. Some nest indoors?(usually kitchen) and others nest outdoors,?but will squeeze their way inside. We know?Chico and our ten step program is the perfect?solution to your roach problem. Using a?combination of sprays and baits we can?control them long term. Call us today, and?say goodbye to your roach problems.?

Cockroaches are not native to Chico, or to the United?States. They hitchhiked on ships from Africa, Asia and?Europe. Fast forward 200 years, and now they are one?of our top pests. The climate in Chico was ideal for?cockroaches. Warm humid days followed by nights that?cool down. This allowed the roaches to hide during the?warmer daytime hours and forage at night when it was?cool.

They came for the climate, and stayed for the food.?Chico has an abundance of food supply for roaches.?The area was founded by John Bidwell searching for?gold. But he quickly launched the local ag industry. The?ag industry is what allowed the roaches to thrive.?Plenty of water and surplus food from ag created a?mecca for cockroaches.

Indoor Nesting

This includes the infamous German cockroach and the?little know Brown Banded Roach.?The most likely nesting spot is in your kitchen. I know,?yuck. They will infest your cupboards and behind your?appliances. One of their favorite places is behind the?refrigerator. The heat from the coils and the moisture?from the drain pan creates the perfect enviourment for?them.

When this type of roach infests your kitchen, we need to?be super aggressive to control them. Removal of kitchen?items and food will need to be done. Then we can treat?the inside of your cabinets and behind your appliances.?We at Gecko Pest Control are very proud of our ability to?control these roaches!

Outdoor Nesting

This type of roach includes: Oriental, American and?newly arrived Turkestan Roach.?This, very large, type of roach will nest outdoors. You will?find them all over your yard. Take a look under rocks, in?cracks and water valve boxes. They hide out during the?day and forage into your homes at night. These roaches?are the big ones, from one inch to over 2 inches long.?Our ten step program is perfect for these roaches. We?use a combination of sprays and baits to completely?control outdoor roaches.

Turkestan roaches are a special case. They are very?similar to the other outdooor nesting roaches. But they?are new to the area.?Turkestan roaches are a favorite food for reptile?enthusuasts. They can order them over the internet.?Experts belive that the reptile enthusiasts allowed some?roaches to escape, infesting nearly every city in the?northstate. The big problem with these roaches is the?ability to reproduce. The produce more eggs and at a?faster rate compared to other roaches. This has allowed?the population of these cochroaches to explode.?If your concerned about Turkestan roaches, give us a call?now. We have the expertise and experience to get them?under control fast!

Eliminate Roaches

Store-bought bug sprays usually aren?t powerful enough to completely get rid of roaches. Bug bombs are also a bad idea because they can damage electronics. It is a better idea to hire professionals to remove cockroaches. Pest control on cockroach service is one of the best decisions you can make in not only eliminating the infestation but also keeping your home and business safe.

?Eradicate the nest

Gecko Pest Control?s process for removing roaches involves a careful analysis of the home. We eliminate roach nests and stop them from ever infiltrating your home again. Roach control companies offer the most effective solution in eliminating roaches from your home or business. With the use of baits, we can completely eradicate the nest of roaches, giving you the peace of mind that your home is pest-free.



No matter how bad your roach problem might be, we can handle it. We strongly recommend our Gecko Guard service to ensure your property remains permanently free of roaches.

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