It?s no secret that some individuals choose to keep crickets as pets. However, many individuals are unsure about the different types of crickets and which ones are pets and which one are pests. Many individuals find themselves asking the question on when removing crickets from their home becomes a necessity. Crickets are not always pleasant. They stop becoming pets when they become extremely annoying or begin to damage your plants and/or crops. In fact, there are actually over 900 species of crickets that have been identified. These are typically misconceived for grasshoppers. However, crickets fold their wings on the side of their body and grasshoppers tend to fold them over their body. Most species are known to bite individuals. While they are not dangerous, they are highly annoying.


Types of Crickets

There are a number of different types of crickets. Here are three of the most common pests that you are likely to see.

    1. Camel Cricket
      Camel crickets do not have any wings. They also do not chirp. These are dark brown and sometimes be mottle. Some will have dark banding on them. They appear to be humpbacked, similar to what you think of when you think of a camel hump. This is why they are called camel crickets. These crickets are typically found beneath decks, woodpiles, inside drainage pipes, and under homes.


    1. Field Cricket
      Field crickets are typically found in fields, hence where they get their name. These crickets are able to destroy vegetable crops and fields. These crickets can measure anywhere from half an inch to one and one eight of an inch. Their antennae are much longer than the length of their bodies. Both male and female field crickets contain cerci, or feelers, that can be found on the rear of the abdomen of their bodies.


  1. House Cricket
    If you have a cricket leaving in your home, you are going to notice sooner rather than later. These crickets are able to make a very loud and very distinctive chirping sound. This sound is produced when they rub the forewings of their bodies together. House crickets are yellowish-brown. Most of them will have three dark stripes located on their heads. These crickets are nocturnal. It is unlikely that you will see them during the day, but if you do you will find them either inside or outside of your home hiding in a place that is both dark and warm. When night falls, these insects are going to wander out so that they can feed. House crickets feed on plants, fabrics, and other types of insects.

Getting Rid of Crickets

Getting rid of crickets can sometimes be a challenge. Other times, however, it is relatively simple. There are a number of natural solutions available in order to remove crickets from your home. You can use cricket poison spray if you wish in order to get these pests out of your home or away from your garden. You can also set traps. You want to ensure, no matter what method that you use, that you are removing the eggs before they can hatch. Otherwise, you have to start over from the beginning. If you feel that you are in over your head removing the pests, then you may want to consider hiring professional pests control services to help you.