Pests are more than just a nuisance.?They can damage your property and be detrimental to your health.?It is critical that any issue you may be having with pest control be dealt with as quickly and effectively as they can be.?The best method for dealing with pests is to hire professional pest control services that will vanquish the pests from your home and provide you with information and education on how you can keep the pests from returning.?Here is some information surrounding some of the most common pests and the threats they pose.nemchem-international-pest-control-pests-1


Everyone hates rodents.?The picture is clear in your head.?The rat runs across the floor, you hear your wife scream, walk into the kitchen and she?s standing on the counter with a broom.?You can?t laugh, for fear you will become the victim of the broom as your wife prepares for battle.?However, rodents are able to come through your home using any crack or opening that they find. Chances are the rodent is long gone before your wife has the chance to battle.?Rodents are more than just annoying and gross, they can damage the structure of the home itself.?They can create a fire hazard by chewing through electrical wiring.?When you hire pest control professionals, they will educate you on how to read the small signs that you have an infestation before your wife must go to battle. Droppings, bite marks, and tracks are a few of the most common signs.?Rodents can cause allergies to go crazy or spread disease.?Honestly, rodents are one pest that you just really don?t want in your home.


It has actually been proven that one in five children are extremely sensitive to allergens that cockroaches spread. The allergens that they spread can cause severe asthmatic episodes to occur. Allergens are spread through their saliva, droppings and by their dead bodies as the body begins to decompose. They also spread more than thirty different types of bacteria.?Your health can be at risk from the six different kinds of parasitic worm they carry.?The can also carry E. Coli and salmonella. Food, countertops, and just about anything else within your home can be contaminated by these nuisances.


Ants are actually extremely social creatures.?In fact, they are as social as they are annoying. If you see one ant, keep your eyes open cause the family isn?t far behind.?They can contaminate your food and scare of your guests. Ant infestations should be handled the moment you notice that you have an issue.?You want to do everything you can to prevent the issue and to treat the problem when it comes about.?You can prevent ants by simply keeping the home clear of food laying around and keeping things clean.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are no imaginary issue. In fact, over the past decade they have risen once again as one of the major types of pests. Currently, they are not considered to carry diseases, but that doesn?t make them any less problematic. In fact, if you have ever been bitten by a bed bug then you are already aware of the negative effects a bite can have.?Red welts will form on your body in the place of the bite and it will itch like crazy. Just knowing that you have a bed bug infestation can cause a lot of anxiety.?It can also make it hard for you to fall asleep at night. The bugs and their eggs are able to move around by traveling on people, their bags, and on their shoes.?Anytime people gather together, these nuisances can be spread.