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Have you ever worked harder than someone else but didn’t get paid for it?

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My name is Richard Smith, I am the owner of Gecko Pest Control. I manage my team based off two principals. First ?EVERYONE HAS TO WIN? . This means customers have to get a great service, employees have to be compensated well, and the company has to make a profit. ?EVERYONE HAS TO WIN?. Second is the fairness principal. I believe that people that work harder should be paid More. I make sure everyone gets paid well, but those that work extra hard get more. Its FAIR to everyone that way.

Job Details

>About The Job

Techs will be responsible to service 12-15 customers a day. A typical stop would consist of:

1. Using Google maps to safely drive to the customers home
Read service instructions on a cell phone App (super easy to use)
2. Greet customer, some small talk, and ask about any special needs for service.
provide necessary service on site. This includes spraying from a backpack sprayer ?40 pounds?, and applying other types of baits and treatments.
3. Make service notes on the mobile phone service app. (Total about 30 min)

>Other Responsibilities

Stocking truck with required products 1-2 times a week, filling fresh water tank once a day, minor field maintenance and repair of tools, keeping truck clean/organized/gassed and regular training.

Application Details

>Employee Compensation

This apprentice program pays $15 per hour during the initial training process. This lasts between one and 3 months.
After passing a basic safety test, 1st stage techs earn $15 per hour with bonuses up to $500 per month.

Most information will be learned on the job with just a couple classroom days for study. Again this test is basic, with a 90% pass rate on first try industry wide. 100% have passed first time so far in my company.

2nd Stage Techs earn $17.50 an hour with bonuses up to $1000 per month.

2nd Stage Techs will need to take and pass an additional test. The 1st stage test is shorter and focuses on safety. The second stage test will cover more aspects of the industry. Topics such as pest ID, understanding habitat. Laws associated with Pest Control. On the job training plus study material will help. In addition one on one technical training is provided.

I recommend expecting 6 months to get this upgraded license. We do have a current employee that became fully licensed in only 4 months. He was an exception and it typically takes about 6 months.


Paid training.
– Company vehicle & gas provided.
– No Commuting Expenses-You will be able to drive your company truck to/from work after 1st lic.
– Growing company with a positive environment.