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Are you having a pest control problem in Lincoln? Then we are excited to hear from you. We have the best team of pest technicians ready to get your bug and rodent problems under control.

Experience Gecko’s 10 step service today, and find out why we are a top-rated company in Lincoln.   You’re going to be glad you called Gecko!

I found my Gecko representative, Tim, to be very knowledgeable and helpful, friendly yet professional. He got rid of the ants right away. And when I was concerned I might have roaches, he came and checked for me to make sure it wasn’t a problem and put out bait and stuff outside to make sure it continues to not be a problem. It’s easy to request service and ask questions. I have found the company to be very responsive. Overall, a very good experience.

Rena Bonesio LIncoln Ca. "Google"

I live in Lincoln next to an open field and we had problems with rats and mice in the attic. It was a nightmare. I tried trapping them, poisoning them… Nothing worked. We tried three pest control companies and they couldn’t take care of the problem. We called Gecko Pest Control – they have an office here in town two blocks from my home – and the owner Richard came out, and eventually, Tim became our service guy. Gecko Pest Control solved our rat/mice problem. Tim has been fantastic and is a nice guy, always friendly…

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Tim at Gecko Pest Control Services did a fantastic job for us and really provided a lot of great customer service. He was very thorough, polite, and professional. He recommended different options for us and explained them in a very clear way. We are very happy with Tim and Gecko Pest control Services and highly recommend them. 

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Ten Step 

Year-Round Service

No one does more to protect your home from dangerous pests. Our service controls the top pests including, Rats, Roaches, Ants, Spiders, Wasps, and more.  Just a shortlist of pests we keep out of your home with our Ten-Step Year-Round service

Cobweb Removal

Pest free, and cobweb free!  This step is included with our  Ten-step Year-Round service.  This step keeps your home looking great.  This step helps keep your home cobweb free and spider free, all year long.  See all our steps HERE

Rats are a Big

Problem in Lincoln

“California’s Going to the Rats” was a recent article in the WSJ.  Lincoln is no different.  We have seen a steady uptick in the number of homes, completely infested with rats.  Sad fact: Rats are the most destructive vertebrate pest in our area.  Learn how we control them HERE.

In your Commuinity

Sun City Home Show

Gecko is part of the community.  Here we are set up at the Sun City Lincoln home show.  We met several of your neighbors.  And one lucky lady won a year of pest control.  We are also proud members of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce.  Find out more ABOUT US

Ants invading your Lincoln home?

If ants are invading your Lincoln home, you’re not alone.   Here in Placer Country, we have two invasive ant species that form Super Colonies.  They can have multiple nests throughout your house and yard.  We attack them with a combination of baits and sprays.  We can get your ant problem under control. See more

Real Company in Lincoln Ca.

A real company in Lincoln, Ca.  With an office at 89 Lincoln Blvd.  This means we are ahead of the completion when it comes to solving local pest problems.  Destructive rats, Super Colonies of ants, or a new species of invasive cockroach.  Gecko has you covered.

Pest Problems in Lincoln

Lincoln is a great place to live, however, the climate and abundance of trees and landscaping, causes many pest issues. Whether you from old town Lincoln, or in Sun City, you have seen cockroaches. They prefer the warm moist environment that our area provides during the spring. This combined with an ample food source allows cockroaches to explode through Summer into fall.

Another big problem pest is the Roof Rat. This is the most destructive pest in our area. The lower placer county area is a perfect example of urban sprawl into nature areas. The continual building of homes causes rats to find new shelter. Overhanging trees provide easy access to your attic. These things, combined with homeless encampments have caused rodent populations to explode throughout the Sacramento valley. We believe this is the reason behind our steady uptick in the number of calls related to rats.

If you’re seeing Rats or any type of insect, the best solution is a year-round pest control program. We offer a 10 step service that controls the top 5 pests and more. This program targets pests out in your yard. Our mission is to control the bugs and insects in the yard before they infest your home. This service was designed for Lincoln. To control the top pests in our area. Trust Gecko to keep rats, roaches, ants, wasps, and spiders under control. By targeting the top insects in the area we are able to get the top pests under control better. And as a bonus, we are able to use products that respect the environment.

Business, Landlord or Residential, Gecko has you covered


No one does more to protect your home from pests than Gecko.  Our 10-Step Year-Round service controls all the top pests from our area.  Read about all our steps HERE


If your tenant is having a pest problem, we can get it exterminated fast.  We service landlords big and small.   You will also be excited to hear we offer discounts for landlords that have multiple properties on service.   You and your tenants will be glad you got Gecko.  Learn more.


Keep your business clean and pest-free with Gecko’s commercial services.  We are experienced in keeping bugs and rodents out of all business types including warehouses, storefronts, restaurants, and more.  Find out how Gecko can help you keep your business pest-free and looking great.  See More

Other Local Pests

Roach Control

Roaches are a top-five pest in Lincoln but the number one insect associated with being dirty.  We have four different species of roaches.  They infest your kitchen, garage, and yard. Please find out more about our roach control HERE

Termite Control

Wings near your window and bugs crawling out of your walls.  that’s when most people realize they have termites.  These insects will eat your house away.  If treated in time, most damage is cosmetic. But if you allow them to go untreated, then they will destroy the wood of your home.  Find out more about termites here.

Spider Control

Calfornia contains hundreds of different types of spiders.  Here in Lincoln, we have most of them.  During our windy spring afternoons, you can see them float from house to house.  After landing they build ugly dirty webs around your home.  Our Year-Round service controls them by removing webs and with a premium liquid treatment.  If you want to say goodbye to spiders, call Gecko Now!

Bed Bug Control

Getting bites?   Seeing Bugs?  You are not alone.  All over California, we are experiencing a bed bug outbreak.  We combine heat and chemicals to eliminate all bugs fast.  Found out more about our affordable bed bug solutions HERE


How do you get rid of bed bugs?

Bed bugs are the most resilient pest we run into as professionals.  They resist nearly every product available, even to us.  To control them we developed a 4 step system that controls bed bugs with heat and chemicals.  Find out more here.

will the rain wash the products off?

Rain can have an affect on some chemicals but we address this a couple of ways.  First, we use premium chemicals that hold up better in the rain.  Second, our Year-Round Ten-Step service includes long-term control steps like baiting and exclusion.  Even the rain can’t stop Gecko from keeping pests away.  

Do you offer automatic payments?

We have an advanced system that can process payments any way you choose.  Automatic, Over the phone, online, or you can mail us a check.  Making payments at Gecko is super easy.  

Do you accept credit cards?

At Gecko we try and make it as easy as possible for you.  You can call and pay by credit card.  Or we can send you a link to pay online. Or, we can set up automatic payments, so you don’t even have to think about it.  We try to make it easy for you.

Do you offer Organic or Green products?

Here at Gecko, we understand that you’re careful about the products used around your home.   We have several options to make you feel comfortable.  First, we can use an Organic-Natural program for those that are most concerned.  We also have a hybrid option that is very popular.  Give us a call today and we can explain all your green or organic options for pest control.

Is your service safe for pets?

If you have pets, then you picked the right pest control company.  From the owners to the newest employee, we are all pet lovers.  Because our furry friends are so important we take extra precautions to make sure we don’t get any pet sick.  Every single product we use is safe for pets when applied correctly.  Plus keeping vectors like fleas and ticks under control is very healthy for your pets.

how long is your contract

Our residential Year-Round Ten-Step service doesn’t require a long-term contract.  If we’re providing a high-quality service, then you will want to continue.  Contract-free and pest-free, the best combination for a happy home.

Do you do Termite Inspections for home sales

No, we don’t do transactional pest inspections.  Sometimes they are called termite inspections.  These inspections required by purchasers and by your lending institution require additional steps compared to an inspection for termites, specifically.

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