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Noticed earwigs making a home in your space? In Lincoln, we’re the go-to for ant control. Gecko has years of experience and countless satisfied customers.

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Why choose us for your earwig control needs?

Earwigs might be tiny, but their presence can be unsettling. But fret not. With Gecko Pest Control, you’re leaning on experts who’ve been managing earwig infestations in Lincoln for a decade. Our commitment and methodological approach have made us the first call for many when earwigs strike. Here’s why we stand out:


Experts in earwig habitats

We understand earwig behavior, ensuring that every hiding spot is treated.

A decade of trust

Our ten years in earwig control have equipped us with strategies that work, building a legacy of trust.

State-of-the-art earwig solutions

We bring to you the newest and most effective solutions to keep earwigs at bay.

Safety is paramount

We’re tough on earwigs but gentle on your surroundings, ensuring the safety of all.

Staying updated

Earwig control is a dynamic field. Our regularly trained team ensures you always get the latest and best service.

Common earwig species

While their peculiar pincers might catch your attention, it’s their preference for moist places that often leads them into homes. Knowing which species you might encounter helps in understanding their habits and habitats.

European Earwig

European Earwig

The European earwig is dark reddish-brown with yellow-brown legs. They can grow up to 5/8-inch long and often seek shelter in homes when the outside conditions become too dry.

Ring-Legged Earwig

Ring-Legged Earwig

With distinctive pale bands around its legs, this species loves damp environments. You might find them nestled under logs or stones in your garden.

Commercial And Residential Pest Control Services

Serving homes & businesses

In Lincoln, earwigs can become quite the nuisance for homeowners and businesses. For households, earwigs, despite being mostly harmless, can be unsettling due to their peculiar pincers, leading to discomfort and concern.

Businesses, particularly those in the hospitality sector like restaurants or hotels, could face potential reputational damage if customers spot these pests. Having earwigs in professional settings might give an impression of uncleanliness or negligence.

Acknowledging these challenges, our earwig control services are tailored to meet the specific needs of both homeowners and business proprietors. We aim to restore confidence and comfort in your spaces by addressing the earwig issue effectively.


Residential homes




Office buildings






School districts


Grocery stores


Day care centers

We’ve got the solution

Earwigs might be mostly harmless, but their presence, especially in large numbers, can be disconcerting. These pests are known to invade both homes and businesses, seeking shelter and moisture. Gecko Pest Control is on the case. Our earwig control service adopts a combination of habitat modification and precise bait applications, directly addressing the core of the infestation. Don’t let earwigs overstay their welcome; Gecko is here to show them the door.
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service guarantee

Earwigs might not be the biggest threat, but we understand the discomfort they can cause. At Gecko, our promise is clear: If earwigs reappear between our treatments, we return, addressing the issue without added costs. Rely on our extensive experience and comprehensive methods to keep these pests at bay. Trust Gecko and embrace a home free of unwelcome guests.
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What does the earwig control service include?

Our comprehensive earwig control service starts with a thorough inspection to identify hiding spots and areas of activity. Once we spot the problem areas, we employ targeted treatments to reduce their population. As a final touch, we’ll offer advice and solutions to prevent future infestations, such as moisture control and sealing gaps.

Is the treatment safe for my children and pets?

Your family’s safety is our priority. The products we use against earwigs are chosen for their effectiveness while ensuring minimal risk to people and pets. After the treatment, our expert technicians will provide any necessary precautions to ensure everyone remains safe.

How long before I see a reduction in earwig presence?

Typically, you’ll notice a significant decrease in earwig activity soon after the treatment. For entrenched infestations, it may take a little longer, but results are usually seen within a few days.

How do I recognize an earwig problem in my home?

Signs of an earwig problem can include finding them in damp, shaded areas of your home, discovering them in clusters, or noticing them more frequently indoors, especially during nighttime.

What steps are involved in your earwig treatment process?

Our process is systematic. After identifying the infested spots, we utilize special treatments tailored for earwigs. This might include baits, sprays, or granules. Post-treatment, we’ll share preventative tips, like ensuring your home’s foundation is dry and free of debris.

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How often should I have earwig control services done?

A yearly inspection and treatment are usually sufficient for most homes. However, if you’re in a more prone area or have had multiple infestations, we might recommend more frequent services.

Are the earwig treatments you use environmentally friendly?

Yes, being environmentally responsible is key to our approach. While our methods are designed to tackle earwigs effectively, we also make sure they’re aligned with best practices for eco-friendliness.

What if earwigs make a comeback after your treatment?

We stand by our promise to keep your space earwig-free. If you spot them between our scheduled visits, just let us know. We’ll be back to handle the issue without any additional cost to you.

Do you offer a guarantee with your earwig control service?

Absolutely! We’re committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction. If earwigs persist or you’re not pleased with our service, we’re dedicated to making things right.