Bed Bugs are one of the most hated pests that can invade a home. Even hearing “bed bugs” can cause some to itch. While there is an effective way for exterminating bed bug, namely calling a pest control company, many people will try to deal with them on their own. Below are some common mistakes people make when they are treating bed bugs.

Bed bugs

1. As one form of treatment for bed bugs, people tend to want to try over the counter pesticides. To date, no pesticide can completely rid a home of bed bugs. It is purely a myth that the pesticide companies want to sell you on. When you try the store bought chemicals, the bed bugs will move from that location to avoid getting exterminated. Can we say smart bugs? So, try to prevent this mistake if you find your home has been invaded.

2. If you suspect that you have bed bugs, and start sleeping elsewhere besides your bed, then you are doing what is wrong. It is a common mistake people make regarding bed bugs. The thought here is that if you are not there to feed on, they will die off. It is entirely inaccurate. Bed bugs have been known to travel quickly at 30 feet per six minutes and will locate a different host if none is present. As bad as it sounds the goal here on how to eliminate bed bugs is to stay put. It will keep them in one location making it easier to eradicate.

3. Improperly removing infested linens and clothes can not only stop the infestation going but also spread it to other areas. It means that if you don’t properly dispose of the items, someone else can pick them up and spread it to another resident, or worse you could give it to unsuspecting family and friends. Infested items must be completely sealed, wrapped, and labeled.

4. Denial. While this isn’t something that is related to trying to eliminate bed bugs it is a very prevalent problem for people. No one wants to have bed bugs, and sometimes tricking yourself into thinking you don’t have one might somehow make the problem go away. It is not the answer. If you are in bed and you have been noticing bites. Usually 3 in a row, that are small and red this is a pretty good sign you have bed bugs. It is important not just to stick your head in the ground like an ostrich, and pretend it isn’t a problem. Bed bugs can lay up as much as seven eggs a day making a small infestation overgrow out of hand. Instead, recognize that the constant bites and itch is cause for concern and it is time to call in the professionals.


If you suspect that you have bed bugs, don’t wait. Call a professional to get the infestation completely gone. A professional pest control will have the ability to heat areas, which will kill bed bugs for good. Skip over these methods that just don’t work, and go for the sure way to get your home bed bug free.