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Are you having a pest control problem in Oroville? Then we are excited to hear from you. We have the best team of pest technicians ready to get your bug and rodent problems under control. You’re going to be glad you called Gecko.

Experience Gecko’s 10 step service today, and find out why we are the top rated company in the area.

Rats and Mice are a top problem in Oroville

If you’re a rat, then your favorite food is fresh citrus or nuts. Oroville is full of both. We are even home to the Mother Orange tree. Another reason is that The salmon from the Feather River Hatchery provides ample food supply. And finally, the Nuts! Remember all the acorns the Indians, like Ishi, the last Indian, used to grind up for food? Now the Rats are using them as food. We are experts at removing and preventing rodent problems. We use both preventative baits and traps to get them under control fast.

Solve pest problems fast

If you?re having a bug or rodent problem, you need it solved fast. If you live near Las Plumas High School, then we have a pest tech that lives close. That area is known for having lots of ant problems. What if you live near the Thermalito Forebay. The moisture from the water causes both rodent and bug problems. Having Technicians all over the city, Even Kelly Ridge, helps us get to your issues fast. This time you?re going to be glad you hired the local guys.

Best Value Pest Control In Oroville

I know how hard it is to find affordable services in Oroville, remember, I grew up here. That is why I thought it was important to provide the best value for any pest services. You might find a cheaper bug company, but no one in the area provides a pest service like our 10 step program. When you add up all these extra steps, it is easy to see that we are the best value. Give us a call today, our estimates are free.

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