Our Process

Get complete protection with the Gecko Guard 8-Point Pest Service.

Our experienced team of technicians follow strict protocol for every service we perform.


All of our pest control services begin with a thorough analysis of the infested area. During this part of the process we look for any signs of unwanted pests. We inspect the interior and exterior of your building and the immediate surroundings to identify areas of concern. We then plan specific treatments to control and prevent those pests from entering your property.


The most effective way to control unwanted spiders if the removal of their cobwebs. This helps keep spiders from establishing a nest, and improves the appearance of your property.


This is one of the most important treatments that any pest control company can provide. The products we use have an active protection lasting 60-70 days. This prevents ants and other unwanted pests from entering through cracks and other access points in your property.


The eaves are the edges of the roof which overhang the face of a wall and, normally, project beyond the side of a building. This treatment is designed to help control spiders that nest in your eaves and also to control Paper Wasps that like to nest in this area.


This step targets unwanted pests and insects like ants and earwigs, treating the nests and other primary sources.


Pests like ants and German cockroaches occasionally find their way into your home. The baits are designed to provide a very attractive food source to these pests. The baits for these pests are also designed to be carried and transferred to other pests to eliminate the nest. This treatment is re-applied twice a year or as needed.


This service is provided on initial treatments and then every 6 months from there on out. The dust is applied behind and under appliances and other harbor-age sites where pests may hide to escape from initial treatments.


Sometimes during heightened pest activity, you may have a frequently recurring infestations such as a paper wasp problem or an ant issue. As part of our Gecko Guard service, we will provide complementary visits in between regularly scheduled appointments to treat these issues at no cost.

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