Ten Step Year-Round Service

Only by Gecko!  Our Year-round service controls the top local pests and more.   We use multiple steps to control the most invasive pests in our area.   No one does more to protect your home from Rodents and Insects.

Step 1

Pre-Service Notification
We always notify you, the day before service. Text works best for most people.  But if it would be easier we can call or email too.

Step 2

Rodent Access Inspection
We will inspect the exterior of your home for Rodent Entry Points!!!!!! Very important to keep rats and mice out of your home.

Step 3

Cobweb Removal
Keeping your home looking clean and neat. Fence line and small outbuildings included

Step 4

Spiders+ Spray Treatment
This spray product controls Spiders, Black Widows, earwigs, centipedes, Mosquitoes, Paper Wasps, and many other crawling insects. Long residual creates a strong barrier.

Step 5

Ants Plus+ Treatment
The stuff the ants bring back to the nest. Also controls Roaches, Beetles, Crickets, and many other crawling insects.

Step 6

Granular Bait Treatment
Placed in flower beds and yard areas. This low-impact bait targets Roaches, Ants, Earwigs, and even Snails. Long-term control of the most invasive pests.

Step 7

Ant Bait Stations
Stations are placed in the yard areas. Liquid or Gell bait draws ants away from your home and controls them before they infest.

Step 8

Synthetic Nicotine Spray Treatment
Used around ant bait stations, designed to eliminate nearby colonies as they are drawn to the bait stations.

Step 9

Rodent Bait Station
This is a keyed secured bait station specifically for Rats and Mice. We use a newer generation of baits that is very effective.

Step 10

Post Service Report
Paper or Digital, you choose. This report lists products used on your property, and any issues that need your attention.

Quick Contact

Let us know some basic information and we will get back to you as soon as possible about your pest concern.