Rats invading your Chico home?

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Rats will destroy your home!

Hearing Rats? Your not alone. ?California Goes to The Rats? Wsj, A recent article confirms. There is a major rodent outbreak in California.

Gecko has the solution. We are The Northstate pest experts. Featured locally on action news now for our advanced trapping techniques. And we have successfully exterminated thousands of rats from Chico homes. Got Rats? Get Gecko Now!

Most pests we treat are fairly harmless. In most cases they are primarily a nuisance. . But Rats are a very different story. Imagine waking up to a water falling from your ceiling like a rainstorm. It?s happened, a rat will chew through a pipe and then your whole house is flooded. In some cases, chewed wires from rodents can start a fire.

Biological Hazard

Don?t let rats turn your home into a port potty. Rats don?t care where they pee, and that urine is contamination your entire home. If you have rats in your attic, call a pest professional today. Left untreated, your entire home can become infested.


Rats need water, just like we do. The rats can sense the water in a pipe. This leads to homes being flooded.

Physical Damage

Did you know, rats cause more damage than termites? Its true, every year rats cause massive physical damage to homes.


Surprisingly enough, rats second favorite nesting material is wire insulation. They chew it off the wire exposing the copper. Many fires are started every year because of this.


Loss of cooling effeciency? Rats readily go for the insulation in AC ductwork. The insulation provides a soft warm spot for them to have babies and multiply. Damaged ducts can reduce efficiency up to 50%.


Rats urinate wherever they travel. This causes the insulation to be saturated with rat urine.

Gecko?s 4 Step Rodent Control

1Exclusion: This is the single most important step in rodent control. We will do an inspection of your home and locate rodent entry points. Then we will come up with a plan to repair those areas. If the repairs are extensive, we recommend a contractor. For minor repairs we can fix for an additional charge.

2Trapping: Never bait inside! The rodents can die in
your walls, leaving an unbearable odor and biological
contamination. Best practice recommends trapping programs for the inside of your home. This allows us to retrieve the dead rats.

3Baiting:?We only use poison baits on the outside. And only after exclusion repairs are finished. This provides long term control for the rodent population on the outside of your home.

4Regular inspections:?Your home needs to be
inspected on a regular basis. Plumbers, cable guys,
and others can open areas for rodent access. Regular
inspections prevents a re-infestation.

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