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Spiders are one of the main pests we target during our routine service.

Common Types of Spiders Found in Chico

There are thousands of species of spiders roaming California, but many aren?t the typical spiders we see around the home. While there are many different families of spiders and some hundred of species within those families, homes will usually only see around 20 different types of spiders lurking in their home.

Our method for dealing with spider infestations is one the of most thorough in the area. We treat the eaves of the home to eliminate as many as possible and knock down all the ugly cobwebs. Spiders are also one of the most dangerous insects, posing a higher threat than typical household pest like ants. But with routine pest control services, you can reduce or even eliminate spiders from your home.


Spiders are one of the most common nuisance pests here in Chico California. Because this was an orchard land, we have a high number of spiders. Most spiders are harmless. But that doesn?t mean some aren?t potentially threatening. We are home to and one of the most densely populated areas for Black Widow spiders. These spiders are the most venomous spiders in our area. Black Widows don?t generally cause death, but they can make you very ill if you have the misfortune to be bitten by one. This arachnid can cause difficulty in breathing, numbness, and severe pain. With proper and speedy medical care, the symptoms can be treated with favorable prognosis.

Black Widows

Black widows aren?t the only spiders we see in California. The other are less dangerous spiders like the daddy long legs, wolf spiders, and orb weave spiders are more of a nuisance than harmful. These will likely set up cobwebs in the corners of your home, shed, or garage. But for many, seeing the mere sight of a spider, regardless if it is venomous or not could be quite scary. If you have noticed that your home has a higher number of spiders than you would like or you keep seeing cobwebs, it may be time to consider it?s time for professional pest services

Spider Control

One of the easiest ways to reduce the number of spiders residing in your home is to make sure areas of your home are properly sealed. Spiders can enter the home through the roof, basement, windows, and doors. If you notice that there are drafts in your house, this is a sign of improper sealing. It is also a great entry point for small spiders to enter. Aside from making sure your home is sealed properly, keeping up on dusting and cleaning can help too. Removing food supplies for spiders and making the environment less inhabitable will help greatly.

?How To Get Rid of Spiders

Spiders are clever. They are able to hide in the smallest of spaces, and many only come out at night. Their nocturnal nature is something that worries many individuals for fear of spiders crawling on them as they sleep. To put your mind at ease and get a better nights sleep, getting rid of spiders might be your best bet. Spiders behave differently than most other pests found around the home. Insecticides sold in stores will have little effect on spiders. Pesticides won?t kill them unless they are sprayed directly. But this doesn?t mean that there are no other options.

Oftentimes having traps set will help reduce the population around the home, thus, being the best spider control remedy. Opting for professional service with Gecko Pest Control is the best alternative. Some options that are only available to professional pest control companies including sorptive dust containing amorphous silica gel is highly useful at spider extermination. Ask us about how you can get your home spider free!



Our process for treating spiders in the home is to remove the food source. Spiders are less affected by the residual treatments, including insecticides, used for other pests. And eliminating their food source will force them to move to other places. We also treat the eaves of your home. Spiders directly treated will be killed. We then knock down any cobwebs that spiders have built. This does two things: first, it makes your home look a lot nicer. Second, it removes the spiders? ability to collect food. We have great success using these two steps to keep spiders and webs away from your home.

Whatever type of spiders you have, we are confident our professional treatments will eliminate them. We strongly recommend our Gecko Guard Service to ensure your property remains permanently free of spiders and cobwebs.

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