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Wasps are a widespread stinging pest all over California. Often seen on the eves of houses. If you notice in the picture, they are bright yellow with black stripes. The easiest way to tell them from other stinging pests is the large gap between the body’s front and back. They infect all areas of the community, even new houses. Wasps will build nests on almost anything. It is common to see them on the eves of the home and the voids in a fence. But we have seen them on everything from a birdhouse to a lawnmower. Controlling wasps requires a residual treatment on the surfaces they build nests. Gecko’s 10 steps year-round service is the best solution to control this stinging pest.


Hornets are very large stinging pests. Best identified by the large football-shaped nest. These pests can be in a tree or on the side of your home. Be very careful. Hornets will swarm when threatened. Stay away from the hive and call a professional immediately. There have been cases when an unsuspecting homeowner disturbed a nest. The result was hundreds of stings and a trip to the hospital. We control hornets by using a non-detectable spray. The specific product is slow acting and won’t alert the hornets to danger. After a few days, the nest can safely be removed.

Yellow Jackets

Yellowjackets are known for being very aggressive when protecting their nests. They will emit a scent in the hive when attacked. This alerts all the soldiers to attack and chase you from the hive. Yellow Jackets are one of the smallest flying stinging pests we have in Chico. They appear very similar to honey bees but are smaller and do not have small hairs. Yellow Jackets are the best know as meat bees. It isn’t a technical term, but it does describe them well. During outdoor BBQs, these pests will hover over your food. Some people call them the picnic stinging pests. Unfortunately, most of the time, yellow jackets are hard to control. They will nest in the ground, usually a good distance away from your home.? Finding the nest can be difficult.

Honey Bees

California is full of honey bees. It makes sense, with all the agriculture we have here. Honey bees are mostly good insects. They are responsible for pollinating the fruit and nut orchards. For the most part, Honey Bees will live and work in hives provided by the orchard. In the spring, however, they will split the hive. Some of the bees will group together and collectively look for another home. This new home can be Yours! They will infest the void in your home and set up a new hive. This can be dangerous to family and pets. If you are worried about honey bees, give us a call. We have several ways to control them. In some cases, we can refer you to a local beekeeper, who can recover the bees and place them in a new hive.

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