Ants up close

Summer is arguably one of the favorite seasons of the year. The weather is increasingly warmer, giving way to more outdoor activities or possibly wanting to stay inside and enjoy cooler climates. While summer brings about flowers and plants coming into full bloom, it also means that pest activity will be in full swing, namely ants.


While most ants are entirely harmless, they are slightly annoying. Ants also grow to large numbers and can rapidly reproduce increasing large colonies. Interesting fact about ants, they can tell if their group has gotten smaller if certain types of pesticides are used and will produce more eggs to compensate.


Grouped by where they reside, there are two types of ants indoor and outdoor. Any kind of ant can be inside or outside the home, but the difference comes down to where they live. The ant population starts outside, and they will create a nest close to home. Through openings like doorways and windowsills, they will work their way in, looking for a food source. At times they can create a nest indoors and start to populate.


Carpenter antsIn California, four common ants can invade a home they include Carpenter, Pharoah, Thief, and Argentine ants. Of these common nuisances, Carpenter ants are probably the most familiar. They are larger in size and black, and easily recognizable. Pharaoh ants in comparison to Carpenter ants are smaller and have featured a light honey color. The Pharaoh ant will create new colonies if they theirs gets too large. This type of ant loves to hang out in crevices of the home and are attracted to anything sweet. Any home is susceptible to ant infestations without proper treatments.


Ant problems can occur just about anywhere in the home. However, ants like most other pests, love finding a good food source. This is mainly why most homeowners find that ant problems occur in the kitchen or areas where food is eaten. You can limit the chances of an ant infestation by keeping food put away in containers, and cleaning up any spilled or sugary drinks.


To ensure your home is protected against an ant uprising, it is necessary to have your home treated by a professional. Ant control can be accomplished in a few ways, but the most effective is the use of bait. A technician will set bait around and outside the home. When ants pick up the bait, they will take it back to their nest. Once the bait has made its way to the nest, it will kill all the ants including the Queen.


Gecko Pest Control offers solutions for Paradise Pest Control that includes eliminating nests or colonies of ants in or around your home. Because of their tiny size and quantity, it can be difficult to remove the whole colony without professional assistance.