When you rent a home or apartment, there are clear outlines that show which aspects of living that either tenant or landlord is responsible for. Renters must be careful not to disturb their neighbors actively, while tenants are meant to provide most, if not all, repairs in the apartment or home. But who is responsible for keeping pests out of the house?


Typically, the landlord is financially responsible for pest control. They often contract with a local pest control company that will routinely check or take care of pests in the apartment building or home. Pest control responsibility should be included in the lease agreement. A proper landlord will make sure that this routine work is done to ensure that seasonal pets such as ants or mice do not come to a nuisance once the time comes. Pest control for landlords dictates that professionals will be on the property as needed as well as at regular intervals.


CobwebsWhen landlords pay for pest control, they must legally maintain the livable conditions on the property. If a pest infestation occurs or can occur, the livability of a property is compromised. Some outbreaks are due to natural infestations, and these situations are made better with this routine maintenance. If a tenant finds mice, roaches or other pets on the rental property, the landlord needs to arrange for the exterminator to come out and take care of the situation. Natural pests may also include spiders, wasps and bees, bedbugs, and even termites.


But when do tenants have to pay for pest control? While landlords are obligated to conduct routine maintenance to keep pests away, there are situations where tenants must pay for a cleanup. If the pest situation is linked directly to the tenant?s behavior, such as keeping food out or not taking out the trash, the exterminator aids the landlords in determining who was at fault in the situation. When the case is due to fleas brought in by pets, or there has been excess moisture brought on by leaks left unrepaired, the tenant is not upholding the ability to keep conditions livable, and the landlord can issue a quit notice if the problem occurs time and again.


A common problem across the country is the issue of bedbugs. This pest has been on the rise, and there are even states that have passed recent laws to fight the growing number of infestations. Because they are complicated to get rid of, landlords should get ahead of this problem before they receive that frightened phone call that means bedbugs have found their way onto your rental property.


As tenants are not typically responsible for the pest control on their rental property, it is vital that landlords can find reliable local pest control to protect the value of their property. Professional Chico pest control can help tenants live in safe conditions and keep landlords from fighting unexpected pest infestations.