Of all the insects, bugs, or pests that can afflict a home, termites are hands down the most destructive. They can be deadly that they can eat through the pieces of your home, including destroying your foundation. There are three common types of termites, Drywood, Dampwood, and Subterranean termites. The Drywood termites are the ones most commonly found in the home. Dampwood termites thrive on moisture, and wood found in homes is moisture free. Perhaps you are wondering how to know if you have termites. The most common warning signs are wood damage, and wings left behind. When you encounter termites there are a few things you can try for termite removal. So let’s take a look at the top five blunders people make when trying to rid their home of these annoying pests.

Termites Pest Management

1.Trying Do-It-Yourself Treatments

People can go to great lengths to seek to free themselves about a pest problem. The same applies to doing a pest control by yourself. Many times when you try to eliminate the problem you won’t effectively get every last terminate. Leaving just a few behind can restart the infestation all over again. Most at home treatments you can purchase may be somewhat useful, but they are no match for the professionals.


2. Not Treating the Entire Home

It goes hand in hand with trying to do it yourself. It is nearly impossible to make sure every last termite is gone. They are sneaky and hide in many areas, and can reproduce rapidly. Having only part of your home treated to save money is also a common blunder. When it comes to termites, don’t skimp on the treatments. Their destructive ways can cause foundation problems in a matter of months.


3. Skipping Follow-Up Visits From Your Pest Control Company

So you hired a pest control company. Great! However, many people make the mistake of not following through on their follow-up appointments. There is a reason why these are important, so don’t think you are simply follow-up after the one treatment. Follow-up is just as important as the initial appointment.


4. Using Excessive Mulch

Another interesting mistake people make using too much mulch on their property and near their home. The thought here is that mulch will create a barrier so that these pests won’t gain access to your home. Termites control wood, and mulch is no exception. So before you lay down the mulch, it is a good idea to make sure you aren’t bringing termites in with the mulch. It has been known to happen as well.


5. Leaving Firewood Next To Your Home

Do you enjoy a roaring fire, and having your firewood available? A common mistake people make is putting wood next to their home. Whether it is out of convenience or not, this is a dangerous place to leave the wood. It is left out in the elements and can draw in a few types of termites. They are also will be close to the house which can make infestation of your home easier.





When you suspect a termite infestation the key is not to wait. Hire a professional to make sure you eradicate the problem. It is also important to have any follow-up appointments your pest control recommends.


Image Credit: Courtesy of the National Pest Management Association / Tom Myers