How to Exterminate Bed Bugs


Like yourself, far too many insects and rodents prefer to live in the comfort of your home. Then, if you stop and think about it, from mosquitoes to termites and, yes, for sure, bed bugs, their preferred home will also provide these freeloading insects with their food.


For ants, that food source is spilled food on the counter. Then termites look to the wood in your walls when it comes time to tuck into a decent meal.


Unfortunately, though, when it comes to bed bugs, they’re not going to look around for table scraps and leftovers. This is because they have you in their sights when it’s mealtime.


Not only that, but they prey on you when you are the most vulnerable when you’re sleeping at night. So if you have bed bugs in your home, they will let you know they are there with their calling cards in the form of red bite marks on your body.


So then, after the discovery is made, the first question you want an answer to is how to exterminate bed bugs because living with them is intolerable.


How to tell if you have bed bugs?


Bed bugs are nocturnal. That means they sleep during the daytime and are awake and moving around at night. They’re also very good at concealment, so locating them for confirmation if you suspect them isn’t always easy.


Particularly in the early stages of an infestation when their numbers are low. So the first bite marks will be your initial indicator, but those might be flea or mosquito bites.


So then, how to tell if you have bed bugs is to see them with your own eyes. So start by examining your bedding and the seams around the perimeter of your mattress.


If you can, lift up the mattresses to look underneath them as well. Bed bugs can travel up to twenty feet away from their food source to seek shelter during the daytime.


So this means you need to check carefully down in the fuzzy crevice where the carpeting meets the wall. Then bed bugs shed their outer shell five times from when they hatch until they are adults.


So look for their discarded outer shells as well. Another thing you can do is to use your vacuum on these crevices and then check the bag after you’re done.


How to eliminate bed bugs naturally


Bed bugs are real tough insects. They’re just really hard to get rid of once you have them. The problem is that the chemicals that kill them are too toxic to use in a home.


So the big question now is how to eliminate bed bugs naturally? Isn’t there something out there that you can use to eradicate them in a home that isn’t also toxic to humans?


It turns out that the answer to how to eliminate bed bugs naturally is also by far the most effective. This is because it doesn’t use any chemicals at all.


The downside, though, is that if you were hoping to learn how to eliminate bed bugs naturally by yourself, you’re pretty much out of luck.


This is because it’s a professional service that uses hot air in a home to kill them. Just like every other living creature out there, bed bugs have a limit to the level of heat that they can tolerate.


When that temperature is exceeded, they die. So this natural bed bug extermination system involves closing all the windows and exterior doors in a home and then using hot air.


It’s a heat source that pumps hot air into the dwelling to raise the temperature and keep it hot until all the bedbugs have been exterminated.


What causes you to get bed bugs?


More important than knowing how to exterminate bed bugs naturally is to understand what causes you to get bed bugs in the first place. Did they fly into your home? Are they crawling bugs that came in from your neighbor’s house?


These are just two good questions that you need answers to, so you can prevent a re-infestation once you finally get rid of the bed bugs in your home now.


Bedbugs are unwittingly brought into a new home by hitching a ride on something someone carried in with them. What causes you to get bed bugs most often is buying and bringing into your home used bedding.


They can also hitch a ride into your home after spending a night at a motel. Or something like even a purse you purchased at a yard sale can introduce them into your home.


So before you bring used bedding or clothing home with you, make a point to stop at the local laundromat. If clothing dryers are operating correctly, when they are turned on high, they should be hot enough to kill them.


How to stop bed bugs from biting you?


If you could somehow learn how to stop bedbugs from biting you, perhaps that would make a bed bug infestation tolerable. They’re actually very small and don’t make any noise, so if you could only learn how to stop bedbugs from biting you, there shouldn’t be much problem.


If you think about it, another good reason to learn how to stop bedbugs from biting you is that it would deprive them of their food source. Bed bugs are like mosquitoes in that they can’t lay eggs unless they have a good meal or two of blood.


So it only stands to reason that if you could learn how to stop bedbugs from biting you, they would eventually go away on their own.


The problem here is that many of the oils and goop that you can find recommended online to inform you how to prevent bed bugs from biting you are pretty much useless.


For one thing, you have to cover your whole body from head to toe with an oily paste and then hope that it doesn’t rub off on your sheets at night. So if you have a problem with them, you really need to learn how to exterminate bed bugs.