Do you have a landscaping project you want to do or maybe you need help landscaping your garden, updating and maintaining?
If so, we have the top 6 landscaping companies that serve Chico and the surrounding area listed for you with a short description of the services each offers.


Each of these companies is highly rated, have competitive prices, provide a portfolio of their work, and testimonials from happy clients.


We have also placed a link to the company’s homepage in their name, so you can visit their site to get their contact information, look at their portfolio pictures, and see what services each one offers.



Lifescapes Logo

Located in Chico, has 35 years of experience providing full-service design, development, and maintenance for both residential and businesses. The Lifescapes team will work with you to create the garden, walkway, or accent your business with an excellent ground appeal. Once the design is done, and everything is planted, we can do the maintenance for you as well so that you do not have to worry about that either or you can choose to maintain it yourself. You will find a very a friendly and knowledgeable staff to work with you on your landscaping needs with competitive prices.


Aqua-Terra Landscaping Services

Aqua-Terra Landscaping Services Logo

A residential landscaping company that offers many services from design to maintenance. Arbors, patios, water features, watering systems, lightening and more. We also provide mowing, trimming, pruning, and fertilizing. We can give you low maintenance so you can take care of yourself or we can do the maintenance for you. Concentrates solely on residential lawns and backyards; no job too big or too small. So if you need your residential landscaping fixed or redesigned, or even maintained, you must call Aqua-Terra. You will find a solid team of people ready to work with you to satisfy your landscaping needs at competitive prices.


Chico Landscape Management

Chico Landscape Management Logo

Can provide you with maintenance, irrigation, and sod. It offers many services including; mowing and edging, fertilizing, weeding and herbicide application, disease and pest control of your landscaping, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and lighting, trimming of shrubs, repair of fencing, light pruning of trees. Also, check out other services they offer at reasonable prices. Do not forget to sign up for the monthly newsletter to get information and news about the company, tips on things such as pruning times, how to keep bugs off your roses and more. A useful guide for the month as well as what is coming up.


Alpine Landscaping Inc.

Alpine Landscaping Logo

A professional landscaping firm offering residential, business, and public works landscaping; from architecture to construction, and maintenance, we can provide you with excellent landscaping for your home or business. We offer a variety of services so if you need a lawn service give us a call to discuss your project or need. We have competitive pricing, so you will not have to worry that you are paying too much. Alpine takes serious consideration to visual considerations which balance out with the real-world in relations to developing sites, topography, soils, climate, and people.


Horizon Landscaping

Horizon Landscaping Logo

Since 1999 has been serving Chico and the surrounding area with exceptional general landscaping services. We have several services available, from construction to installation. They do backyard remodel or new design, waterfalls, and water features, fire pits, decks and paver patios, to retaining walls can all be done with prices that will not cost you an arm and a leg. The knowledgeable, friendly staff can help you come up with a plan to repair an existing landscaping or an entirely new idea that they can then construct to give you what you need.


Blue Oak Landscaping

Blue Oak Landscaping Logo

Serving Chico and the surrounding area with the newest methods as well as traditional methods to provide you the landscaping with a knowledgeable staff we specialize in custom landscaping and maintenance for a very affordable price. We also offer a very inclusive warranty on our artistry. We follow a 5 step plan when it comes to your landscaping; first is the consultation ? we talk to you to figure out what it is you want. Next, we move on to the planning, after which arrives the installation which includes scheduling. The next step is demolition/installation where we demolish what is no longer needed or wanted and then add the new features you have chosen. Finally, maintenance; which can be done by you or you can have our team continue to do the maintenance for you; it is your choice.
Anyone of the landscaping companies listed above will give you a beautiful landscape or provide maintenance at very reasonable rates. Some also offer other services such as pest control for your landscaping, gutter cleaning, or power washing and fence repairs. Each highly rated company has different services so be sure to visit each company’s homepage to find the one that offers what you need.