The Ecological Preserve at Butte Creek is a 93-acre expanse of land which was historically exploited for its gold, sand and gravel deposits through mining. Now in the process of recovering from such actions, it is owned by the Chico State Research Foundation who is gearing its new purpose towards conservation. They are working alongside other programs to manage and conserve the habitat; to provide education to the public; and to provide a base for research. It is open to visitors for the entirety of the year. If you are in the vicinity, it really is worth a visit.

Butte Creek Ecological Preserve

Working with Wildlife

The Butte Creek Ecological Preserve is home to many species of plants and animals, some of which are considered to be of special status (including the Yellow-legged Frog and the Western Pond Turtle).

Its waters provide a habitat for a large number of salmon, meanwhile also serving as the spawning grounds for the highly threatened Central Valley Spring Run Chinook. These particular fish are considered to be a species of evolutionary significance and so the role that Butte Creek plays in their life cycle, breeding and survival as a species is of the utmost importance from a research perspective.

The gravel and stone laden grounds of Butte Creek make it a harsh terrain for plants to grow in and thus far, the population of plant life has been struggling to recover from the previous mining works which laid waste to the land. With the help of volunteers however and through man-made restoration and mitigation projects, the population of herbaceous plants, grasses, lichens, ferns, shrubs, vines and trees is slowly beginning to rejuvenate and recover.

Community Work

Butte Creek is well known in the local area as a place of environmental education. School, College and University groups are often seen in the Preserve, helping the staff with the conservation attempts and studying the science of population growth and recovery. It is estimated that the outdoor classroom seats well over 1,200 students per annum, and demand for the services is simply too high for the current facilities.

How Can I Help?

Butte Creek Environmental Preserve is run primarily on grants and donations, with a gift of just $75 paying for a bus of students to visit the facility and experience the outdoor learning opportunities which it offers. The preserve is a non-profit organization, meaning that every penny which it takes is returned to the local community or invested into further improving and saving the landscape.

We, at Gecko Pest Control, urge anyone who is passing through Chico to take the detour and visit this extraordinary project, because it truly deserves the support for all of its hard work.

See directions here:

Butte Creek Ecological Preserve
1182 Humbug Rd, Chico, CA 95928

Head southwest on Honey Run Rd toward Horse Run Ln
6 min (3.1 mi)

Continue on Skyway Rd. Take CA-99 N to E 1st Ave in Chico
8 min (4.6 mi)

Continue on E 1st Ave. Drive to Wayne Ln
2 min (0.6 mi)

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