Caper Acres

For decades, Caper Acres has been one of the crucial sights in Chico. As a playground, it is particularly important for children and families who created millions of memories here. Come with us for a walk through the history of this location and discover what we can expect from it in the near future when the renovation is done.


How Did the Place Get Its Name?

Everything happened in 1957 when the Women?s Club of Chico discussed the concept for a children playground with the City of Chico. One year later, the adults realized that they needed a name for the park and they organized a naming contest. The winner was Carla Norlie, a 10-year old local at the time, who was given an award of $5 for her idea. We were amazed when we discovered that Carla is still in Chico where she lives with her family!


When Was Caper Acres Opened?

Unfortunately, it took over a decade for the officials to build and open the playground. The fundraising started in 1959, but the first real progress was made in 1964. That was the year when the residents could notice the Humpty Dumpty wall, but it took six more years to finish everything. Finally, the park was officially opened in 1970.


Storms and Vandals

The children enjoyed playing in the park and their parents and grandparents loved taking them there to create memories. Unfortunately, storms and vandals did lead to a decline in the appearance of the playground, but they didn?t break the community spirit. In 1995, a storm caused severe damage to the park and destroyed numerous structures. The members of the community reacted quickly and organized playground restructuring.


Adding a Toddler Area

The community discovered what the only thing missing to make the playground the perfect park for children was. A brand new toddler area was added in 2007, which enabled the entire families to spend their afternoons here. However, more bad news arrived in the coming years. The commission identified infrastructure issues in 2014 and three years later a storm caused a tree to fall down on the crooked house and completely destroy it.


The Future of Caper Acres

The park is currently undergoing a huge renovation and the whole community is encouraged to participate. Every detail was carefully planned ? the crooked house will be reconstructed, but there will also be several new features, including climbing walls and zip lines. The project is currently in phase 1, during which new play elements and pathways will be implemented. You can take a look at ways to get involved on the official website of the playground. Although the reconstruction will be massive, the goal stays the same ? enabling children to have their own playground. Even after the renovation, the old rule will still apply ? adults cannot enter the park unless accompanied by a child under the age of 13!


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See directions here:

Caper Acres

500 South Park Drive, Chico, CA 95928, USA


Continue to Woodland Ave

3 min (0.6 mi)


Take Vallombrosa Ave to Crister Ave

4 min (1.6 mi)


Follow Crister Ave and Filbert Ave to Wayne Ln

2 min (0.5 mi)


Gecko Pest Control Chico

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