Regardless of the property that you live in or manage, it would be best if you had pest control. Pests don?t discriminate between homes and businesses, and ants want to go into the kitchen. Roaches want to dig into your pantries, whether you are a residential home or a kitchen with the lunches of 30 employees. However, there are a few critical differences between pest control that is done at commercial properties – businesses or industrial properties – and residential properties such as homes.


Pest Control At Residential Homes

Residential Pest Control

When it comes to pest control done at a residential property, you will find that the pest control services are not as varied. There are homes, apartments, condominiums, and not much else. Homes don?t vary as much as businesses, and industrial properties do, so the pest control services tend to stay much the same as well. Typically, there are just a few methods that are used in rotation for residential pest control that continue to be effective. However, this doesn?t mean that your pest control professional won?t use something different because it is the best method – it simply means the same techniques have remained valid.

Homes attract different types of pests, with residential pest control including some common pests such as mice, ants, and roaches, as mentioned, and various fabric-heavy pests such as bed bugs. A pest control professional also understands the worries a homeowner may have traditional pest control chemicals or methods around children and pests. So, organic or hybrid methods are often available.


Pest Control At Business Properties

Office Buildings, Commercial Pest Control

Often there are more factors to consider in commercial pest control when treatment is being scheduled than that of residential pest control. For commercial pest control, there is a faster turnaround time so that businesses can get back to work faster. However, although there is a much faster treatment time for pest control services for businesses, there are also highly varied services. From food services to retail to office work, businesses vary much more than homes and apartments of residential pest control. A real pest control pro will be able to schedule that initial consultation and find out what your business needs.

Businesses often need preventative treatments more urgently than homes. Whether a method to keep tenants? living spaces safe or to keep eating and cooking areas clean, scheduling long-term measures to keep your business free of pests is crucial. Commercial pest control professionals know how to take your business into account and know how often you need this care and treatment to keep everything safe and clean.


Pest Control Is Always Essential

There are significant differences between how pest control pros confront each situation, but both an office manager and the average homeowner should take pest control seriously. Like pest control for businesses, pest control services for homes may be scheduled bi-monthly, monthly, or quarterly depending on the needs of the property, the type of pest, and other facts. Whether you are a business owner or are concerned about how mice keep getting into your home, professional pest control is always a good idea.